Two pieces about Home
on Sheila Ash (India), 03/Jun/2017 01:53, 34 days ago
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1.These arms always strive to seek those faraway otherson this day like so many, they sway out of reach in the breezetwo singularities adrift in the cosmosthe unseen umbilical intact but stretched and stretchingthe world continually conspiring to break the bondthese arms ache to keep© Sheila Ash 2ndJune 20172.Home, that incongruous, transitory state of fixedness within the chaos of continual movementwhere the heart isthe point of all returnsthat place of peacewhere the body rests for a momentbefore moving onrelentlessly searchingfor what? home?Its physical manifestation - paid for bricks and mortargrants permission to feel grounded in a placeto be rooted.A true north island in the ever changing sea of lifeflinging you this way and thatbombarding you with no-choice choicesmanoeuvring you as part of some grand strategyorchestrated by unseen hands of unheard of Masters.The economic pawn sacrificed at the altar of the High Knight rests unsatisfied.I grew out of and away from childhood homesthe warm security of loving parental enclosuressafeguardingyet restricting, limiting.Nonetheless if asked to paint a picture of homeit may well be one of mum and dad around the firemy comfortable, cosy bed, its thick feather quiltholding back the night,thwarting the cold and the ghosts of dreamland’s darkness.But there’s a call, a songheard under every star, every constellationacross foreign lands of settled scoresThe magnetism that cannot be ignoredreaches my far-flung shoreenticing thisémigré to cross oceansdragging me across dodgy dominionsas irresistible as the allure of winged sirensbeckoning all homeward for the new day.© Sheila Ash 2ndJune 2017ashramblings