The post-apocalyptic Fun Fair and the curious incident of the peace corps in the night time
on Catherine Dupre (Mongolia), 22/Oct/2010 03:18, 34 days ago
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za za za, I am trying to collate my brain cells to write a 15 minute lesson on Cardiac Surgery Nursing, which is hard, as that is realy just 7minutes of me talking, taking interpretation into account, and what on earth can one say in 7 minutes? So, I am defering this task, to upload the photos I took in the fun fair in UB.  It is so funny, it is set in the "childrens park" which was closed until the 1st of september.  It has a collection of rides of dubious safety, and is part building site.  Being there felt like being in some strange dream, but a couple of the rides were really fun.The big wheel is not working, and I dont think I would have gone on it even if it was.  Health and Safety is not a concern for mongolians..... It is generally not a huge concern for me, but being in a metal contrption that is help together by elastic bands and scotch tape was a step too far even for me.Oh, I went to  party the other day, and it was ok, but strange to see so many new faces, and missing my old pals, and realsing suddenly that I am one of the veterans now!  I was just leaving when a scrummage occurred, one of the hosts had discovered a pair of amorous peace corps in her bedroom, and was throwing them out of the party, I had to restrain myself from chanting "jerry jerry jerry" as the americaness of it all was utterly hilarious.Today the office is quiet, which is so nice, and my colleagues seem to have remembered who I am and what I am doing here.  Yesterday I gave a breif (30mins) talk on the Nursing Process and Holistic, evidence based Nursing Practice, to the entire nursing staff, about 250 people.  It actually went really well, and I was especially impressed with Zolo.  I only saw a handful of people asleep in the audience, and they clapped at the end, and today my colleagues were very nice about it, and want me to do one every two weeks! Yaanaa.So I will probably stop doing my Chingeltei lectures, and focus on the hospital for now, I think I may be bailing out of Mongolia soon, earlier than I want to make sure I leave with a whole lot of information collated efficiently for the hospital, so the nurses can access it after I have gone home.sigh.