What -15 feels like. And how I am a walking cliche.
on Catherine Dupre (Mongolia), 12/Nov/2010 02:18, 34 days ago
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Aaah, winter is upon us, the ice is creeping over the pavements like a subtle spill of slippery slidiness.  The temperature is into the double figures of minusness.  The snow falls are frequent tho not prolonged.The snow is nice, tiny mini flakes, cascading from the everpresent sky coming to gently dance upon my eye lashes like so many baby ballerina butterflies brushing my cheeks with soft coldness that is a sweet remedy to the razor sharp wind that boxes my ears and stings my nostrils.my toes are cold, but all else is fine, i pull my thick tights up high to my middle and wear my wool mix skirt often so i feel like a character in a story set in a girls boarding school in yorkshire circa 1905.The air is changeable, sometimes so full of coal smog that I become instead a character form a Dickens novel, living in London in the 19th century and wracked with consumption.my tooth aches, it woke me ast night frm a dream about going camping and forgetting my sleeping bag and being in a bad mood and walking with andrew and carping on about it then narrowly avoiding being hit by a car and andrew laughing at my misfortune, then awake, and pain.So I am going to go to the dentist.  We shall see how this goes.  I am pretty hardcore in almost every way, I do martial arts, I have tattoos, I ride horses, I climb rocks and trees and anything with footholds that looks like it has somehting fun at the top of it, I have laid out dead bodies, I have restrained mad men, I have seen some things, and yet - and yet, how utterly banal that I am incapable of dealing with a trip to the dentist. How embarrassingly NORMAL. I shall of course report on the events of the visit as and when.The sleep deprivation and resulting caffeine overdose is to blame for the jerken sprangling of this post.