Confusion Confusion
on Wendy Margolese (Zambia), 13/Oct/2010 17:30, 34 days ago
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In the last week I have been focusing on reaching out to people in Zambia and to other VSO volunteers to build a small network and to learn more about Siavonga before departure so I can wrap my head around the logistics of things.. is there grocery shopping?.. will I need a scooter?.. how do I get internet access accessibility etc.I am still waiting for final approval from my future employer.. but I have tickets with a departure date of November 13th..I just need to be patient.. it's been challenging putting life on hold and trying to be open and flexible for anything.I found out today through someone who works close by my new employer that the employer is excited to have me.. but that he expects me in February?? So I wrote my Volunteer Advisor and I have to wait for her response to find out what's going on.. so November departure or February.. we'll see what happens..In the meantime I have my visa application ready to go, I bought the bag I'm going to take over with me and ordered a back up battery for my laptop.. just a few more things off my list! Now I just need a FINAL departure date.Stay Tuned..