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Thank you and Goodbye! - 30/Aug/2010 16:16 - 5044 days ago
It's time we said goodbye. Everyone is now back to work here and soon the leaves will change colour and I'll have to admit to my...

Have I ever told you about Chang? - 25/Aug/2010 13:00 - 5049 days ago
Saying goodbye to Rwanda at the Kigali airportBefore the days of Facebook, there was Chang. Chang was a friend of my dad’s tha...

From Kigali with Love - 17/Aug/2010 16:56 - 5057 days ago
And so.....here is ends. (So dramatic, I know) I am at the Kigali International Airport and we're about to board the flight to B...

Saying goodbye in Kibungo - 15/Aug/2010 15:36 - 5059 days ago
And so the farewells begin….Aimey and I arrived back in Kibungo last Wednesday and isn’t it funny how a place that was once ...

Photos: Coming back to Kibungo - 14/Aug/2010 09:44 - 5060 days ago
Coming back to Kibungo after travelling felt a bit like home. Here are a few highlights....Painted trees that welcomed Paul Kaga...

East Africa and coming home to Rwanda - 13/Aug/2010 13:48 - 5061 days ago
As Anna and Aimey’s African Adventure draws to a close, and Anna’s Suitcase begins to pack up all her worldly treasures, I t...

Rafting the Nile and Kampala - 13/Aug/2010 13:25 - 5061 days ago
Rafting with Nile River Explorers was fantastic. So much fun and, thankfully, no crocodiles.Our campsiteOkay. No problem. Face y...

Photos: Mombasa to Nairobi - 13/Aug/2010 13:16 - 5061 days ago
A few pictures from Mombasa and the journey to NairobiMombasa wallPotato chips fresh from the kettlePlatform at Mombasa train st...

What's a gazillion minus about 322? - 04/Aug/2010 10:02 - 5070 days ago
So I was all "we have so many pictures" in my last entry. I think I said that I had about a gazillion or so. That'll learn me......

Safari Inzuri! - 31/Jul/2010 10:03 - 5074 days ago
Still waters. Sans hippos.So I took nothing short of like a bazillion picture on our safari. (Who knew that I could actually alm...

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