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What's all this then
Nicking the idea from the Peace Corp Journals site but using much naffer implementation and with little/no regard for good web design it is an attempt to provide a comprehensive and up-to-date directory of VSO blogs and online journals past and present.

Through the system of RSS feeds it will also regularly poll blogs listed and gather data on latest posts etc to display fresh posts periodically.

I have submitted a blog but it is not yet shown
For anti-spam purposes (and because the RSS reader etc is pretty new and buggy) new sites must be manually validated by the site admin. For this he must be relatively sober and near an internet connection so it may take several days to appear.

My blog is listed but a new post I have put up is not
The RSS feed will only scan periodically and some publishing sites only update the feed after a certain time. If it has not displayed after 24 hours but previous posts were displayed ok, please contact the site admin.

Oi! You are stealing my work!
Content here is displayed under fair-usage and gathered from public RSS feeds designed specifically for that purpose. The original author retains copyright and links are always provided to the original site.

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