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Closure. - 15/Oct/2009 22:22 - 5303 days ago
Hiy'all,I've been really wanting to write something, but just didn't know how.I just got an email from a friend in Namibia, a fe...

A wedding and a funeral - 11/Jul/2009 14:06 - 5399 days ago
My brother is getting married today. Philip and Dominique are getting married at Robin Hill. It's quite small, about 28 of us. I...

Outjo - 29/Jun/2009 10:42 - 5411 days ago
Unfortunatly, 2 weeks ago, a Dr Samunto, who was working in Outjo, (about 130 km from us) died in a terrible car crash. He was d...

Traditional authority - 20/Jun/2009 11:32 - 5420 days ago
Now, within a few days of Mark and I handing in our letter of resignation, a few things happened. I found it all a bit disturbin...

Survival of the most adaptable... - 16/Jun/2009 10:52 - 5424 days ago
We've been here 4 months now, and for the last month Mark and I have been talking long and hard about how things are going. What...

May I recommend - 06/Jun/2009 13:47 - 5434 days ago
davesboringblog.wordpress.comHow do I show links beside my blog? I'd also like to do a hit counter, but anyway, when I'm smarter...

A typical day - 06/Jun/2009 13:46 - 5434 days ago
Hullo!I thought I would try and describe a typical day, now that there are typical days…Well, we wake up in separate beds (2 s...

The rest of that blognote - 22/May/2009 14:08 - 5449 days ago
Last week Mark and I were away in Marienthal for in country training part 2. It’s away down in the south of the country. We dr...

Blog seems to be acting up... Can't post. - 22/May/2009 13:45 - 5449 days ago
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Untitled - 01/May/2009 17:32 - 5470 days ago
OK, so not in chronological order.Welwitchia, sunrise (amazing picture, I just love it) Mark in the ocean, Welwitchia ?blooming ...

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