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Coming Back…My Impressions…Clothing - 07/Nov/2008 16:08 - 5677 days ago
I thought I’d take some time and convey my feelings about coming back to the U.S. Tell some things I like and things I do...

Namibian Meals - 06/Nov/2008 20:58 - 5678 days ago
While I was in Opuwo I decided that I’d take a picture of every meal that I prepared. Why? Not really sure, but I figure...

Traveling to Chobe/Muchenge - 27/Oct/2008 20:12 - 5688 days ago
Following our stay at Xakanaxa we were again to hop onto the Cessna and make our way to the Chobe national park. We quickly lea...

Xakanaxa - 27/Oct/2008 19:57 - 5688 days ago
Our arrival at Xakanaxa presented us with a nice reception from Flo, the usual arrival drink, apple juice this time, and the awa...

Traveling to Botswana to Begin Part 2 - 27/Oct/2008 19:46 - 5688 days ago
Ok…Botswana. After spending a long week of driving in Namibia we made our way back to Windhoek for a flight out to Botswa...

Pictures: Cape Town - 27/Oct/2008 19:35 - 5688 days ago
I’m going totally out of order but, here are the Cape Town pictures that I do have.  Due to my hard drive crash some have...

I’m Back…For Now - 24/Oct/2008 12:49 - 5691 days ago
So I’m finally home after traveling southern Africa for the past month.  I’m exhausted and glad to be able to stay ...

Travels Continue - 15/Oct/2008 21:00 - 5700 days ago
Currently at the Garden Route Game Lodge after leaving Franschoek this morning. The wine country was amazing and definitely wor...

You Know You’re a Tourist When…Part 5: Souvenirs - 10/Oct/2008 07:35 - 5705 days ago
So you go on vacation and really like that tshirt, hat, whatever with the name of the place you’re visiting on it. You wa...

Cape Town - It Begins - 10/Oct/2008 07:28 - 5705 days ago
I arrived safely in Cape Town yesterday after leaving my parents in Zambia for their own travels back to the U.S. I’m no...

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