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Goodbye to Cambodia! - 25/Jan/2011 03:18 - 3965 days ago
Hi EveryoneOur final blog after 22mths in Cambodia! Geoff came back yesterday from his 3 wks at Spitler School, Siem Reap, whils...

A Frantic Farewell to Cambodia and Christmas Greetings - 14/Dec/2010 14:35 - 4007 days ago
Hi EveryoneThis is as close as we get to a Christmas party here, an engagement celebration for Ratana - the little guy in yellow...

The Cool Winds of Samrong - 06/Nov/2010 10:39 - 4045 days ago
Hi EveryoneWell, its stopped raining, there's little sun and a coolish breeze most of the time, so we guess this must be the sta...

Water,water everywhere.....Asia, a place of contrasts. - 16/Oct/2010 12:43 - 4066 days ago
Hi EveryoneI've just come home on my bike in the rain from a trip to the flooded lake and an early evening beer. It's still rain...

Challenging times in Samrong. - 19/Sep/2010 06:57 - 4093 days ago
Hi EveryoneIts a hot, green but cloudy Sunday here and I've just got back from a bike ride around the lake, bird watching. Now t...

Rainy Days and Mondays - 07/Aug/2010 06:43 - 4136 days ago
Hi EveryoneGeoff first - Since we last wrote our blog I have spent 3 weeks in UK mainly in Newcastle. My mother was in good form...

Learning a New Language......... - 13/Jun/2010 02:56 - 4191 days ago
Hi Everyone - Geoff first:Learning a new language when you are in your sixties is, as I have discovered, not an easy thing. Not ...

Asia's Ups and Downs - 12/May/2010 11:53 - 4223 days ago
Hi EveryoneGood to say hello to you although you've probably stopped bothering to look at our blog as its such a long time sinc...

Untitled - 21/Mar/2010 16:15 - 4275 days ago

So who are you saving? - 17/Mar/2010 09:26 - 4279 days ago
Hi EveryoneSorry its been a while since we were last in touch but we've actually been busy! So, we'll start with the best of new...

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