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Is Aloneness Worth the Aversion - 18/Oct/2019 12:00 - 2 days ago
Most of us humans spend our life hiding. Relationships can help us to hide. In short, in our ego-consciousness we ultimately see...

Aversion to Suffering - 12/Oct/2019 11:53 - 8 days ago
Contemplation means for me, withdrawing attention from outward, objective, particular, and temporal concerns, and refocusing on ...

Interiority - 11/Oct/2019 13:30 - 9 days ago
More then ever I am aware of an “interiority” that seems to exist beyond the perceptions and limits of my conditione...

No End to Sufferring - 06/Oct/2019 14:25 - 14 days ago
I’m feeling increasingly vulnerable these days although not in a way that is incapacitating. Past relations have fallen away a...

Intellectual Stumbling - 22/Jul/2019 12:07 - 90 days ago
I now realize that this illusive power and control that we strive for is rather unimportant and in fact it is often pretend and ...

No Control - 16/Jul/2019 22:49 - 96 days ago
I’m quite angry with the world right now. I feel as if I have so little control of how things turn out. I suspect that is the ...

To See the Totality in Life - 11/Jul/2019 18:29 - 101 days ago
To be able to see the totality of things as a familiar occurrence, involves an ability to free myself of all representations.We ...

Something More - 23/Jun/2019 12:26 - 119 days ago
Is it possible that there is something more of our existence than what we are able to immediately and conventionally perceive? A...

The Departed One - 20/Jun/2019 12:34 - 122 days ago
There has been a shift “to lose oneself” in the sense of familiar bonds have been loosened and a slow slipping away has ...

Come Forth as What Thou Art - 14/Jun/2019 15:44 - 128 days ago
From the Greek Lyric Odes to live authentically is, in Pindar’s words to “come forth as what thou art“. So what is inv...

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