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Where to Turn? - 17/May/2020 14:45 - 18 days ago
These days there is a strong realization of how much of my life was lived in ignorance and how that contributed to suffering bot...

The Words of Poetry - 15/May/2020 12:36 - 20 days ago
I am content enough in my aloneness. I have no need to distract or to divert from it or to seek to remedy the sense of lonelines...

What Freedom - 28/Apr/2020 01:54 - 37 days ago
We believe that we have the basic rite to freedom to choose but is our perception limited. Do we know what we think we know abou...

Finding My Way - 27/Apr/2020 11:29 - 38 days ago
These days I find myself living life more aware of what occurs in direct experience as opposed to looking for direction in other...

Living in the Moment - 18/Apr/2020 11:42 - 47 days ago
This past month of social isolation has allowed for more contemplative moments. One thing that I am more clearly realizing as I ...

Poverty - 29/Feb/2020 08:49 - 96 days ago
For me there is the experience of vulnerability in unfolding into a state of poverty. Vulnerability is not something experienced...

Being Vulnerable (again) - 10/Feb/2020 13:38 - 115 days ago
I’ve been contemplating the notion of vulnerability a little more deeply these days initiated by a talk I had with a colleague...

What I have Not Recognized - 24/Jan/2020 13:02 - 132 days ago
It seems that after twenty years of meditation something of a change is occurring in my 65th year that is more organic and funda...

Pondside - 24/Jan/2020 09:57 - 132 days ago

Taking Chances Every Chance I Get - 15/Jan/2020 08:51 - 141 days ago
My wife in her sensible way will not stand in the rain as I love to do nor will she wander from the path when we are hiking on t...

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