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Week 3 - Neurons that fire together wire together - 18/Nov/2017 09:35 - 189 days ago
Thank you, Dean Ware, for the simple explanation:"Neurons that fire together wire together.To oversimplify: Our brain cells...

Week 2 - Wiring in the pause - 18/Nov/2017 09:16 - 189 days ago
Wiring in the pause– To form new habits, we need to first become aware of the current habits. Practise noticing without judgin...

Awakening to habits - 02/Nov/2017 10:28 - 205 days ago
96Normal0falsefalsefalseEN-GBX-NONEX-NONE/* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Table Normal"; mso-tsty...

How many directions can you walk in simultaneously? - 01/Nov/2017 10:29 - 206 days ago
One of the assignments for Week two of my yoga MOOC was to create a meme. I made this because I feel like I want to walk in all ...

Setting realistic goals - 31/Oct/2017 06:48 - 207 days ago
I have just started this onlince MOOC and I am excited! That is not the reason why I am blogging about it, though. I am blogging...

Amizade, David Whyte - 23/Dec/2016 00:21 - 519 days ago
Tradução livre de um texto belíssimo sobre a amizade. Texto originalaqui, por David Whyte."A amizadeé um espelho para a pres...

You can be a leader - 28/Oct/2016 23:49 - 575 days ago
Thoughts of the day:1 - Everyone can be a leader. What is your vision for a better world/workplace/etc?2 - As a leader you will ...

How to solve the equation: Wedding planning = 0% stress + 100% fun - 17/Sep/2016 22:42 - 616 days ago
WhyEnjoyDIYDelegateIgnoreNumbersGratitudeWhyAsk why all the time! As soon as you say the word‘wedding’, prices quadruple, an...

Abc - 15/Sep/2016 19:36 - 618 days ago

Untitled - 10/May/2016 15:33 - 746 days ago
Hi guys!This is an odd way, but I think it's the quickest as Etisalat tends to make life difficult& right now we all just wa...

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