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Just so you know… - 12/Jan/2010 13:01 - 5251 days ago
I know this sounds totally ridiculous, considering I will only have been away for 4 months, but I feel like I need to give you a...

Put the kettle on, I’m coming home… - 11/Jan/2010 10:03 - 5252 days ago
As many of you know, in fact as anyone reading my blog will have undoubtedly worked out, things on the work front have been rath...

Cold Weather, Bangla Style - 10/Jan/2010 10:36 - 5253 days ago
I must admit, i’de been feeling a little left out of the whole cold weather thing. The collective hysteria that seemed to be s...

Popping to the powder room - 17/Dec/2009 05:45 - 5277 days ago
Some years ago I saw a photography book of beautiful toilets around the world, a sort of cultural analysis through bathrooms: hi...

Home Truths - 17/Dec/2009 05:41 - 5277 days ago
“Morning Rojie Appa” “Morning” “Your shawl does not look good with your Sari” “Oh” “How are you Rojie?” “F...

opening my eyes - 09/Dec/2009 09:49 - 5285 days ago
On the day the Copenhagen talks opened I was at Dhaka University listening to a debate on the role of government and community m...

The things a Sari can do… - 06/Dec/2009 08:59 - 5288 days ago
  Over the last few months I have developed a slow but growing hatred of the orna, the long scarf draped across the chest to hi...

two months and too many questions - 05/Dec/2009 15:12 - 5289 days ago
I thought it was about time for a little update on the work front, for those of you able to keep up with the fast paced developm...

Convenience - 02/Dec/2009 15:42 - 5292 days ago
One of the things that really strikes me here, on a daily basis, is how ‘convenient’ we’ve made out lives back home. Every...

bla bla bla - 02/Dec/2009 14:50 - 5292 days ago
I’ve just realised something. Apart from a call with England last night, I haven’t had a proper conversation in nearly 48 ho...

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