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Goodbye Zambia - 11/Dec/2011 11:44 - 4508 days ago
It's been a while since I last wrote a blog post. Looking at the title of my last entry on the 23rd Sep, anyone would think that...

Gunshots!? - 23/Sep/2011 12:33 - 4587 days ago
I’m recovering after being woken up by the sounds of gunshots and massive political rallies outside my compound. The noise dur...

Election time in Zambia! - 21/Sep/2011 09:19 - 4589 days ago
So the votes are in and the counting has begun! It's election time in Zambia and this year's tripartite government elections hav...

May the last one left turn off all the lights....! - 15/Sep/2011 13:43 - 4595 days ago
Today saw the departure of Dan and Helen, 2 good friends and VSO volunteers who were part of my intake back in October 2009. As ...

Zambian Elections 2011 - 12/Aug/2011 15:41 - 4629 days ago
It's election time in Zambia and to be honest I feel pretty privilege to experience a major election during my 2 years of servic...

How I wish we had water! - 09/Aug/2011 12:31 - 4632 days ago
After my near arrest in Malawi and the recent violence during Malawi’s anti-government protests, the weeks that have followed ...

Zambia's neighbour, Malawi - 27/Jul/2011 14:45 - 4645 days ago
Off to Malawi at the weekend to do a brief trip to Lilongwe (Chipata’s nearest city just 2 hours away across the border). Bein...

The problem with Africa - 18/Jul/2011 19:00 - 4654 days ago
So David Cameron is in Africa today telling the world how Africa is in need of free trade agreements rather than foreign aid.I w...

Reflections on the highs and lows - 14/Jun/2011 18:30 - 4688 days ago
I can’t believe I’m now in the last few months of my placement! Time has definitely flown. If I reflect on my time here, I w...

Easter on Mount Mulanje - 01/May/2011 14:41 - 4732 days ago
I survived the trip to Mount Mulanje! It was absolutely amazing, though I won't lie, it was bloody tough! We travelled up to the...

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