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Not exactly 'Russian' home - 02/May/2010 13:30 - 2818 days ago
Greetings once again loyal readers,Having left Nepal over a month ago, we are both taking the opportunity for final adventures o...

Culture Shock: China - 15/Apr/2010 15:45 - 2835 days ago
Hello and welcome to another blog,Since we last blogged, we have left Nepal and started our journey home, through China. In fact...

Goodbye Nepal - 21/Mar/2010 06:39 - 2860 days ago
Namaste everyone and welcome to our last blog from Nepal.Since the last blog, we have been in Kathmandu and Kaski. In Kaski, we ...

Celebration and Ceremony. - 05/Mar/2010 04:17 - 2876 days ago
Welcome to another blog entry,Since our last update, we have been busy visiting other districts in order to write reports for VS...

Tales from the Country. - 01/Jan/2010 16:20 - 2939 days ago
Hello once again and a very Happy New Year to you all. Since Mel wrote the last blog single-handedly, and not to be outdone, I t...

Sisters, sisters and more sisters - 14/Nov/2009 15:22 - 2987 days ago
Hello blog readers,You may have noticed that we have become increasingly infrequent bloggers. Perhaps that’s because dealing w...

Of Beaches, Boats and Bangalore. - 29/Aug/2009 13:50 - 3064 days ago
Greetings once again blog-readers. It’s now been 2 months since our last entry (on ‘health and safety’) and you may wonder...

Another day, another danger! - 16/Jun/2009 14:34 - 3138 days ago
Hello all,Sorry it’s been so long since we last blogged. Since then we have been to yet another conference inKathmandu! We can...

Men in sparkly pink tank tops - 16/Mar/2009 05:53 - 3230 days ago
Hello all,First our news. Apologies for being 'off-blog' for so long, but thanks to Ailsa and Mike, you were able to get a bit o...

Delhi and Mahendranagar from a visitor's viewpoint - 12/Mar/2009 14:53 - 3234 days ago
Noise, hustle and bustle! This was our very first impression of Delhi. Most of the noise was accounted for by vehicle horns bein...

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