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Trip in Southern Africa Jul/Aug 2010 - 24/Aug/2010 17:44 - 5022 days ago
After some farewells in Okahandja on the 8th of July I headed into Windhoek and caught the Intercape bus (16 hours!)to Katima Mu...

The End is Nigh! - 01/Jul/2010 19:19 - 5076 days ago
It’s the first of July today – usually the first day of the summer holidays, or in recent years, the start of a summer cours...

April and May - 01/Jul/2010 17:32 - 5076 days ago
Ooops, I'm falling behind on posting my blogs. I wrote this one at the start of June, but never got around to posting it... but ...

Easter In Namibia - 18/May/2010 12:22 - 5120 days ago
My sister Angela and her husband Mike arrived in Namibia just before the Easter break, and I took some extra time off to spend t...

Six Months in! - 24/Mar/2010 08:20 - 5175 days ago
I’ve just passed the half way point of my placement and suddenly time has begun to fly!January and early February were a bit t...

Rundu in January! - 24/Mar/2010 06:52 - 5175 days ago
Rundu and Education in Kavango.After 4 months hidden away at NIED, I decided it was time to actually see‘the real Namibia’ ...

Food and Drink in Namibia - 23/Feb/2010 13:56 - 5204 days ago
Food and drink here in Namibia, perhaps southern Africa in general, isn’t terribly exotic. It’s not like traveling in South ...

Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya (Dec‘09/Jan ’10) - 29/Jan/2010 09:43 - 5229 days ago
I had a great trip in East Africa over my Christmas break. Since internet access was going to be scarce during the trip I decide...

3 Months in (Dec 7th) - 17/Dec/2009 10:02 - 5272 days ago
Turns out that keeping a blog is more difficult than it seemed– somehow over a month has passed since my last update! I think ...

Going Mental Down in Mariental (aka ICT2) 26 OCt - 06/Nov/2009 15:13 - 5313 days ago
The week long training session (called ICT2 or In Country Training, part 2) began on Saturday 17th when I was picked up by the C...

Sand Dunes and Swakopmund (Monday 5th October 2009) - 09/Oct/2009 10:54 - 5341 days ago
Just back from a fab weekend in Swakopmund! Emails have been flying back and forth for almost 2 weeks to plan a weekend trip to ...

Schools in Namibia (5th Oct 2009) - 09/Oct/2009 10:33 - 5341 days ago
I spent two mornings last week visiting some local primary schools, which was a very useful exercise. It gave me a much better i...

A Weekend in Windhoek: Taxis, Beer and a Penduka Braai (Sunday 20th Sept 2009) - 20/Sep/2009 19:17 - 5360 days ago
Just back from Windhoek, where I had a great weekend. I set off early on Saturday morning, not knowing how long it would take me...

End of Week Two: Living and Working in Okahandja (Friday 18th Sept 2009) - 20/Sep/2009 19:14 - 5360 days ago
Last Friday afternoon I left Windhoek for my new home. We headed north, passing through the industrial area on the edge of the c...

End of Week One: ICT and VSO (Thurs 10th Sept 2009) - 20/Sep/2009 19:12 - 5360 days ago
I arrived in Windhoek (via London and Jo’burg) last Sunday afternoon, after over 24 hours of travelling but thankfully with al...

ICT Namibia - 10/Sep/2009 10:24 - 5370 days ago
Just finishing up my 'in-country training' in Windhoek. It's been 4 days of information, discussion, training and tasks to get u...

Untitled - 26/Aug/2009 21:05 - 5385 days ago
Off to Namibia in 10 days!!!...

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