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The story doesn't end here - 07/Feb/2011 22:03 - 4854 days ago
If you enjoyed reading Indian Bells, follow the story at my new blogFeathers, Bells and Country Smells. See you over there!The v...

Back where I belong - 05/Jan/2011 09:38 - 4887 days ago
This is my final blog post, it's long overdue but as they say, better late that never. I'm back in England now living a life con...

Lighting up Laporiya during Diwali - 06/Nov/2010 08:37 - 4947 days ago
Yesterday was Diwali, or the Festival of Light, India's biggest festival. It's a 3 day holiday in India, much like Christmas w...

More photos of the village - 04/Nov/2010 15:11 - 4949 days ago
Inspired by the success of my previous wander around Laporiya, I ventured out again, this time at dusk began to set in and homes...

A walk around Laporiya - 31/Oct/2010 10:39 - 4953 days ago
Celia, another VSO Volunteer came to visit me in Laporiya this weekend and this morning we did something I've rarely done before...

One step closer to enlightenment - 26/Oct/2010 07:53 - 4958 days ago
I approached the gates of Dhamma Thali Vipassana Meditation Centre on the outskirts of Jaipur with feelings of intrepidation, ha...

A long trip east - 01/Oct/2010 07:39 - 4983 days ago
India is a big country, the scale of which you can barely contemplate without having experienced it. Back home in the UK just ab...

The decision to leave - 19/Sep/2010 15:04 - 4995 days ago
This week I made an important decision, one that has been consuming my mind for a few weeks now. I decided that I will leave my ...

My Volunteering Story - 09/Sep/2010 10:00 - 5005 days ago
Personal Case Study written forwww.volunteeringinfo.orgSee the original articlehereI’d been spending my spare time volunteerin...

Yesterday's three celebrations in Laporiya - 06/Sep/2010 12:15 - 5008 days ago
1) The inaguration of my boss' new badminton court, built within the boundary of our house over period of weeks. Ribbons were ti...

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