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Photographs - 20/May/2012 16:58 - 4415 days ago
www.flickr.com/people/16265291@N00/CachedHopefully this link will whet your appetite...

The pleasures of being a volunteer - 17/Oct/2011 06:42 - 4631 days ago
The end of our placement in Rwanda is now in sight. There remains a little over 3 weeks if you don’t count the 2 weeks we are ...

Adult Literacy Visits Sept/Oct 2011 - 08/Oct/2011 14:25 - 4640 days ago
The level of interest shown for this pilot has increased significantly over the past year. Apolline, Vice Mayor Social Affairs a...

New volunteers - 23/Sep/2011 07:10 - 4655 days ago
September has seen a fresh intake of eager volunteers; the numbers augmented by not only the need to replace those whose placeme...

Beer and milk lead to strange encounters - 23/Aug/2011 07:25 - 4686 days ago
Last week we had a tragedy in the town. The Monday of our arrival back from Kenya was a bank holiday, celebrating The Assumption...

Alternative to amber nector! - 25/Jul/2011 08:15 - 4715 days ago
It’s great to be back in demand again. Through a series of coincidences, I have been able to team up with an NGO that is keen ...

Adult Literacy Training is going from strength to strength - 14/Jul/2011 09:40 - 4726 days ago
Thanks to the on-going support of VSO and friends in UK, we have managed to expand the pilot to three schools in Cyabakamyi Sect...

The increase in Rwandan nationals - 23/Jun/2011 13:13 - 4747 days ago
Jacky will leave us at the end of this month as her pregnancy becomes more of a hindrance to her. That gives her about 5 weeks t...

Royal wedding Rwandan Style - 30/May/2011 12:51 - 4771 days ago
From time to time the British diplomatic staff in Kigali get it in their heads to meet and greet any Brits in the country. Norma...

Cheetahs of Serengeti - 12/May/2011 14:24 - 4789 days ago

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