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The Dinz&Witchdoktors…live @ The Loft, Southsea - 28/Nov/2021 17:19 - 6 days ago
You know the drill by now. Support live music, support local venues… and if there’s a little bit of mayhem… đź...

Decaying light… - 25/Nov/2021 22:17 - 9 days ago
Driving home this evening, the skies seemed to be on fire, but this was not a night to view such a display from the A259 ribbon ...

John Murry live @ The Railway… - 24/Nov/2021 23:11 - 10 days ago
It’s been a couple of years since I last saw John Murry at the Railway Inn in Winchester, and nearly five years since firs...

Tied up in Nottz… - 22/Nov/2021 19:23 - 12 days ago
Early morning walk along the Nottingham and Beeston canal. Fabulous light, great reflections, and the canal lent itself to an im...

Untitled - 14/Nov/2021 20:16 - 20 days ago
I keep coming back to this photograph, taken just over a week ago of The Nightingales at the Wedgewood Rooms. Last seen by me ar...

How high the moon… - 13/Nov/2021 15:47 - 21 days ago
…hey ho the moon…has flown since dusk began… [“How High he Moon”: Nigel Mazlyn Jones] Everything c...

Stand up if you love Pompey… - 08/Nov/2021 18:31 - 26 days ago
Or at least lean gently against something solid… A day off work so a bit of a wander around The Hard and Spice Island toda...

Rust never sleeps… - 31/Oct/2021 16:17 - 34 days ago
Sometimes, if you look closely enough, it’s possible to find landscapes within landscapes. Small localised maps that chart...

A tale of two cities…. - 24/Oct/2021 18:50 - 41 days ago
To watch the City…or visit the City. Or perchance both. Despite moving away from Coventry in 1980, it’s still where ...

Back in mono… - 16/Oct/2021 15:28 - 49 days ago
Not everything is in black and white, but sometimes it really is that simple. Drums, guitar, voice, and a wall of sound. That...

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