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Promenade… - 06/Jun/2023 17:34 - 12 hours ago
noun: “A leisurely walk or ride, especially in a public place for pleasure or display” Rather like Pavlov’s do...

Surface of the moon…? - 06/Jun/2023 15:40 - 14 hours ago
Broadmarsh Coastal Park, at the edge of Langstone Harbour. Black & white creates its own desolation, shapes the landscape an...

Dream landscape… - 26/May/2023 09:18 - 12 days ago
Between waking and sleeping lies a landscape of the mind… Farlington Marshes. Another world at the edge of one of the most...

Mandark @ The Lord John Russell…[12/5/23] - 13/May/2023 13:54 - 25 days ago
Not quite Abbey Road, but Albert Road… Lord John Russell pub Southsea Pompey punk covers band. (More here) Keep music live...

It’s a signal…. - 12/May/2023 18:29 - 26 days ago
…or maybe a sign… Hayling Oyster Beds this morning. Look carefully and you can see Portsmouth in the distance on a c...

Ethereal… - 08/May/2023 11:13 - 30 days ago
Langstone Harbour offers up distant horizons, small islands, skeletal trees and fragments of history…. Crow knows…you need t...

Turin Brakes… - 07/May/2023 17:54 - 31 days ago
So that was a revelation… Never really listened (knowingly) to Turin Brakes until this week. Turns out that was a major om...

Another quiet night in England… - 03/May/2023 14:32 - 35 days ago
…but the words of a song often carry a power that doesn’t need a full band.. “…Where is the pit and the ...

Darkness at the edge of town…? - 02/May/2023 07:36 - 36 days ago
Looking through yesterday’s photos taken in Southsea, it was almost inevitable that they would end up in monochrome. Brood...

Skeleton Tree… - 23/Apr/2023 19:35 - 45 days ago
.Skeleton Tree and other landscapes. Butser Hill on a wet and windy Sunday morning with photos and words inspired once again by ...

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