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Between land and sea… - 18/May/2024 19:24 - 11 days ago
…lies a zone of uncertainty. A shoreline that humankind thinks it can control. “The sea…is that state of barba...

The world is turning… - 12/May/2024 16:42 - 17 days ago
...I hope it don’t turn away… For some reason the words of Neil Young’s “On the beach” came to min...

Phoenix rising… - 06/May/2024 15:11 - 23 days ago
Another one from the vaults… [15 September 2018 to be precise] Walking through Coventry University campus towards the Cath...

Philosophy corner… - 01/May/2024 17:19 - 28 days ago
An occasional series. Perhaps… Turns out I have something in the region of 15,000 digital images taken since I started thi...

Coastal defence… - 29/Apr/2024 16:58 - 30 days ago
…ancient and modern. New coastal defences for Southsea, bookending a different kind of defence… “…Souths...

Quiet moments within the maelstrom… - 26/Apr/2024 07:16 - 33 days ago
New Model Army, Live @ The 1805, Southampton. If you haven’t seen the light….why not? With a new album to tour, at a sold ou...

Between decay and renewal… - 14/Apr/2024 17:32 - 45 days ago
“Trees are sanctuaries. Whoever knows how to speak to them, whoever knows how to listen to them, can learn the truth. They...

Underneath the arches… - 10/Apr/2024 14:10 - 49 days ago
…you sometimes find things that are not quite what they pretend to be. Barriers that purport to protect, yet on closer ins...

Music of the mind… - 31/Mar/2024 14:12 - 59 days ago
Collecting Piece II (1963 Autumn): “Break a contemporary museum into pieces with the means you have chosen. Collect the pi...

Marginal… - 17/Mar/2024 19:26 - 73 days ago
Broadmarsh again… Dodging the rain, seeking out the shadows and reflections in partially flooded car parks. Despite being ...

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