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This could be the last time… - 23/May/2018 12:37 - 31 days ago
London Stadium. Dateline 22 May 2018. A legitimate reason to run onto the West Ham pitch…! So…£90+ and the obligato...

Code of the road… - 16/May/2018 21:06 - 38 days ago
“They call him Snake, he minds his own business He got his own sound, we’re glad that he’s with us…” “Co...

Chalk… - 07/May/2018 17:56 - 47 days ago
“White chalk hills are all I’ve known White chalk hills will rot my bones….”    [PJ Harvey: “Whi...

Thee Hypnotics… - 15/Apr/2018 14:45 - 69 days ago
“Thee Hypnotics care only for their own generic past and frenetic present. The future doesn’t even get a look in… ...

Tide/Tied…. - 08/Apr/2018 19:47 - 76 days ago
How often do we look without really seeing? We might think that we ‘know’ intimately our immediate environment. But ...

In defence of small gods… - 28/Jan/2018 20:31 - 146 days ago
Still trying to find the words, but maybe the pictures speak in their own language? All  I know is that you can lose yourself i...

Tree… - 10/Dec/2017 20:41 - 195 days ago
Under unending interrogation by wind Tortured by huge scaldings of light Tried to confess all but could not Bleed a word Strippe...

Landscape as memory… - 26/Nov/2017 17:29 - 209 days ago
Nearby where I live are Hilsea Lines, a series fortifications, built to protect the northern approach to Portsmouth from attack...

Look… - 01/Oct/2017 18:40 - 265 days ago
“One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.”  [Jack Kerouac. “The Dharma Bums”] Beauty is no...

Of…or from…? - 17/Sep/2017 20:43 - 279 days ago
“To be of means to listen. To commit to being around, to a robust pragmatism as to what this wider murmuring may require o...

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