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Back in mono… - 16/Oct/2021 15:28 - 2 days ago
Not everything is in black and white, but sometimes it really is that simple. Drums, guitar, voice, and a wall of sound. That...

Balcony Man - 10/Oct/2021 11:35 - 8 days ago
“I’m two hundred pounds of packed iceSitting on a chair and in the morning sunPutting on my tap dancing shoes, oh my...

Sunlight and shadow… - 06/Oct/2021 19:34 - 12 days ago
Words chiselled into polished stone, embossed with fading gold. No explanation, just there, on the towpath of the Stroudwater Na...

Willow and water… - 05/Oct/2021 07:45 - 13 days ago
A week of reading, walking and exploring new landscapes…and the occasional glass of something to inspire and offer new pathway...

Bread and circuses… - 04/Oct/2021 15:31 - 14 days ago
The latest mechanisms of government put forward by the Tory party appeared to be lacking in any real substance, despite the...

No mean feat…? - 28/Sep/2021 18:12 - 20 days ago
So, that’s it for Trailwalker 2021. Mark and Ben made the distance-100km inside 28 hours. Unfortunately yours truly was to...

Fade into grey… - 21/Sep/2021 17:53 - 27 days ago
Despite being a familiar and favourite walk, the seafront from Eastney to South Parade Pier always rewards patience and observan...

On the road again… - 18/Sep/2021 18:21 - 30 days ago
‘Sal, we gotta go and never stop going ’till we get there.’ ‘Where we going, man?’ ‘I don’t know but we gott...

IDLES @ Portsmouth Guildhall - 13/Sep/2021 20:57 - 35 days ago
Wrong lens, extremely high ISO, but managed to pull a few reasonable shots out of the bag, despite the graininess of a lot of th...

Klaatu lives…. - 12/Sep/2021 13:04 - 36 days ago
…in the West Midlands. So…a brief wander around my hometown ahead of the CCFC game against Middlesbrough. [2-0 to th...

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