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Funk’d if I kno… - 25/May/2022 17:33 - 188 days ago
Well that was something special… George Clinton-Parliament-Funkadelic live at The O2, Kentish Town. Review here. Mommy, Wh...

All is loneliness… - 21/May/2022 17:59 - 192 days ago
Sometimes landscapes aren’t quite what they seem. Behind where I work are fields covered with agricultural fleece, in prep...

Zelfportret van een ander… - 19/May/2022 17:26 - 194 days ago
So…back to the Netherlands almost three years after the last time. On this occasion to attend the marriage of friends, as ...

Dreadzone live @ The Brook, Southampton… - 07/May/2022 17:42 - 206 days ago
Get yourself dubwise… Read… Listen… Collaborate… You know the drill. Keep music live, support local venu...

The Aldous Huxley memorial flamingo… - 06/May/2022 17:44 - 207 days ago
“But the man who comes back through the Door in the Wall will never be quite the same as the man who went out. He will be ...

Liminal… - 25/Apr/2022 17:31 - 218 days ago
I’m increasingly drawn to coastal margins as a liminal space. A crossing point or threshold between two states. In this ca...

Station to station… - 15/Apr/2022 18:01 - 228 days ago
[No sign of the Thin White Duke… ] The solitary traveller on a railway platform, lit, yet at the same time under cover of ...

High rise, low tide…. - 13/Apr/2022 19:56 - 230 days ago
“This was an environment built, not for man, but for man’s absence…” [JG Ballard: “High Rise”...

Rust never sleeps… - 07/Apr/2022 06:53 - 236 days ago
Old habits die hard. Looking at an allotment plot recently acquired by the organisation that I work for, I still have half an ey...

Got those… - 03/Apr/2022 17:54 - 240 days ago
…pre-match, wander round the city, looking for a photograph, no real story, but quite like the end result, blues…. S...

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