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Triptych… - 05/Jul/2020 13:55 - 6 days ago
At a time when those that would govern us seem unable to communicate other than in slogans, sound bites and ambiguity, a reminde...

Missing this….? - 30/Jun/2020 19:51 - 11 days ago
Every photograph in this post was taken in the past twelve months at a  music venue that may not survive the current COVID pand...

Subliminal…. - 29/Jun/2020 08:13 - 12 days ago
Maybe there’s a story here… Remote surveillance, lockdowns, ambiguous guidance and instruction, machinery of unknown ori...

It’s all a game… - 27/Jun/2020 15:01 - 14 days ago
Walking northwards out of Portsmouth on the west side of Portsea Island takes you past Whale Island, on a coastal path running a...

Hyper real…? - 14/Jun/2020 16:48 - 27 days ago
As we begin to emerge, blinking into the ‘new reality’, guided by instruction, intuition or instinct, is this the mo...

Walls come tumbling down…slowly… - 11/Jun/2020 16:53 - 30 days ago
Eastney, and in particular the fenced off site of the The Fraser Range has been something of a magnet to me over the years. Curr...

Exit stage right… - 30/May/2020 18:26 - 42 days ago
Sometimes imagination has a way of imposing itself upon reality. Walking along the foreshore from Langstone towards Warblington,...

A miller’s tale…? - 19/May/2020 19:47 - 53 days ago
Another ‘off the beaten track’ walk last weekend, seeking out historical fragments on the margins. Starting once again at Ol...

A straight line doesn’t always take you where you need to go… - 17/May/2020 19:40 - 55 days ago
Every now and then the day job creeps into this blog. A few weeks ago I wrote about how COVID guidance of a ‘one size fit...

On the margins… - 08/May/2020 18:41 - 64 days ago
Today felt like a day to head south to another location within walking distance of home. With the current restrictions on moveme...

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