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Omen….? - 18/Jul/2019 07:16 - 2 days ago
“These late eclipses in the sun and moon portend no good to us.                               Though the wisdo...

Not dark yet… - 14/Jul/2019 15:48 - 6 days ago
Obviously 5 believers showed up at Hyde Park in their boots of Spanish leather, ready to hear you both roll another number. They...

High Rise… - 13/Jul/2019 19:40 - 7 days ago
“These people were content with their environment, and felt no particular objection to an impersonal steel and concrete landsc...

Remnants…. - 09/Jul/2019 17:44 - 11 days ago
This series of three photographs is a sequel to a post I made earlier in the year about the use of plastics in farming. I went ...

Billy Bragg @The Wedgewood Rooms… - 06/Jul/2019 07:13 - 14 days ago
5th July 2019: A socialism of the heart…. 🙂 Their faces shone and they were gone and I was left alone I walked these an...

Edifice… - 03/Jul/2019 17:07 - 17 days ago
In the future we will look back with fondness to the monuments that we created to honour the state craft of our parliamentarians...

Outfall… - 30/Jun/2019 19:17 - 20 days ago
At the margins of cities are some of the things we take for granted. Unloved and often unwanted, unless they can be located R...

Product placement… - 27/Jun/2019 14:40 - 23 days ago
So…in the midst of an increasing societal culture of blame, maybe its time to take a little personal responsibility…...

A symmetry of sorts… - 23/Jun/2019 15:59 - 27 days ago
Been hanging on to these photos for a few weeks now…other stuff sort of  ‘happened’. Anyway, these pictures a...

Tower… - 22/Jun/2019 18:56 - 28 days ago
“We shall build a tower that will reach to the stars!” Having conceived Babel, yet unable to build it themselves, they had t...

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