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Some thoughts on dignity and pride - 23/Feb/2013 21:40 - 4078 days ago
RIght now, in early 2011, I'm living and working in the Quang Nam province of central Vietnam - a poor part of a relatively...

Noble truth number 1 - bad things happen - 28/Feb/2011 09:19 - 4804 days ago
Literally the day after I'd prepared a long blog on the peace and safety and general loveliness of central Vietnam, and the day ...

A splash of colour... - 14/Feb/2011 14:57 - 4818 days ago
I'm working in a small village, where everyone knows everything that's going on. So back in January, when an orphanage opened ne...

More food, glorious food.... - 14/Feb/2011 14:12 - 4818 days ago
One of my favourite things to do here is to set out from the house. on foot, with no destination in mind. I love to&nb...

Some favourite Vietnam things.... - 12/Feb/2011 09:56 - 4820 days ago
Just for you, ma, here's some of my favourite things.....(I'm not going to include foods - it'd take about a couple of ...

Comments - 27/Jan/2011 05:39 - 4836 days ago
Hi everyoneI've figured out how to change the settings on this 'ere Blogspot, so now anyone can leave a comment without having t...

To change or not to change... - 19/Jan/2011 11:42 - 4844 days ago
As part of this job, my interpreter and I often visit young people with disabilities in their homes. I am often close to tears.&...

Why expensive equipment isn’t always the best thing….. - 15/Jan/2011 11:38 - 4848 days ago
If you think about a day centre for kids with disabilities, you'll probably imagine rooms full of wheelchairs, mats, balls,...

Cardboard chairs and the rainy season.... - 11/Jan/2011 04:18 - 4852 days ago
As you'll see from the post on 'cardboard chairs' - we were feeling proud of the made-to-measure chairs, and the kids&...

Big Brother - maybe. Nanny state - definately NOT - 04/Jan/2011 09:34 - 4859 days ago
I really like it that here in Vietnam, people generally get on with life, and are left to make their own decision...

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