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Free Education for All : first nine years basic education - 14/Feb/2010 07:02 - 5241 days ago
February 12th 2010Time seems to fly by. The Vancouver Olympics are starting. If I were at home, I would be settling in to watch ...

English Anyone? - 03/Feb/2010 19:08 - 5252 days ago
February 2, 2010I will try and shed some light onthe confusion in Education. As I understand it, The Minister of Education decla...

Getting impatient at In-Country Training - 03/Feb/2010 19:05 - 5252 days ago
January 24, 2010Attempts to get to the my placement at the College of Education before Jan. 27 have not been successful.I will n...

Arrival in Rwanda January 2010 - 24/Jan/2010 08:09 - 5262 days ago
January 19, 2010Arrival In KigaliMy arrival in Kigali, Rwanda was last Sunday, January 17.It feels good to be back and I have be...

Untitled - 25/Mar/2008 12:09 - 5932 days ago
March 15Halfway through another month!! Time is racing me by.It’s Sat am. and I am at home which is rare. Wish you could hear ...

Untitled - 25/Mar/2008 12:02 - 5932 days ago
Feb 11This is Monday, February 11 and the school year started January 7, 2008 for all students except those entering First and F...

And now for my real job! - 27/Jan/2008 14:14 - 5990 days ago
January 24, 2008Work is starting to take off again. UNICEF came to visit Kigeme this week, to see and hear about the Resource /...

Marie Jeanne, the answer to our prayers - 27/Jan/2008 14:11 - 5990 days ago
January 24Claudine ( my house girl), bless her soul, helped me find a caregiver whom I pay and who comes 12 hours a day. Marie ...

A sort of sympathetic ear - 17/Jan/2008 08:06 - 6000 days ago
Wednesday January 16, 2008I asked my friend Pastor Samuel (an older man and chaplain at the hospital) for some advice as to who...

A heart-wrenching visit with Jacqueline - 17/Jan/2008 08:00 - 6000 days ago
Wednesday January 16, 2008Yesterday my visit to the hospital was heart-wrenching. I went with some food and found Jacqueline by ...

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