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Journey to the NBA All Star Game - 22/Feb/2019 20:46 - 1566 days ago
Journey to the 2019 NBA All Star Game in CharlotteAt 4.15 PM on January 31, 2019, I hung up the phone after participating in a c...

A Mother and her Child in the World of Down Syndrome in Nepal - 14/Aug/2013 10:54 - 3584 days ago
Dr. Lalita Joshi, a retired Br .Gen. of Nepal Army Medical Corps with strict principals, simple and honest is driven by a deep l...

Communications and Customer Service - 07/Aug/2013 06:57 - 3591 days ago
Communication and Customer ServiceIn the short time that I’ve been on the earth, the methods used for communicating have chang...

Beauty and Gender - 03/Aug/2013 16:44 - 3595 days ago
Ultimately it isn’t about how externally beautiful a person is, but is more about what someone does with their abilitiesI’m ...

Development and Partnerships - 28/Jul/2013 15:25 - 3601 days ago
Development and PartnershipsI wasn’t carrying an umbrella and as I jumped out of the bus into the rain I made a quick leap to ...

FISHing - 14/Jul/2013 05:59 - 3615 days ago
FISHingPike Place Market in Seattle is considered the grandfather of public markets in the US having opened in 1907.  ...

Further Perceptions - 02/Jul/2013 17:50 - 3627 days ago
As I sat looking at the rain drenched runway and the line of airplanes waiting to take-off at LaGuardia Airport in New York City...

Perceptions - 30/Jun/2013 05:30 - 3629 days ago
Written from New York City on my first evening back to the US after one year. Due to my“cheap” flight arrangements, and...

Making Voices Heard - 18/Jun/2013 03:23 - 3641 days ago
On a recent Thursday I trudged through the rain, flooded and uneven muddy streets and sidewalks, in order to attend a program ti...

I-MAN travels to ASU - 06/Jun/2013 14:46 - 3653 days ago
I-MAN’s[1]Visa AdventuresAfter spending one year on the planet of LAPEN, I-MAN wanted to reacquaint himself with one of his bi...

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