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Untitled - 08/Mar/2019 23:33 - 48 days ago
Blog   https://goo.gl/GwCEsX     Roshan Verghese...

Untitled - 07/Feb/2019 09:49 - 77 days ago

Untitled - 26/Jan/2019 08:04 - 89 days ago
Blog  http://costumeinn.com/tlv2k5j/nptoris/config_db/orderinsp/converse.php?corner=xuky1tnzy0s350b   R...

hello Blog - 17/Jan/2019 04:15 - 98 days ago
<div dir="auto">Blog     https://goo.gl/s8v4wW      Roshan<...

Hello Blog - 19/Jan/2017 10:06 - 826 days ago
Salutations Bloghttp://rhythmpiano.com/board/image/get_rss_feed.php?ancient=m23guew1p1be9ThxRoshan...

Pheri betaula Nepal - 08/Jul/2009 15:37 - 3578 days ago
As expected the last few weeks did become manic and hence no blogging...Work was busy with redrafting of documentation, still wo...

Breaking news! - 30/Apr/2009 07:21 - 3647 days ago
Well it's done! Flight is booked and 3 weeks today I expect to be back in Felpham - scary! But I won’t be able to just sit and...

A bit of a break - 25/Apr/2009 18:11 - 3652 days ago
Sorry for the lack of updates, all left to me now and I’ve been away from Nepal as Josie and I met up for a few days holiday. ...

A funny old world - 15/Mar/2009 06:32 - 3693 days ago
So there I was in Kathmandu just getting to know the new VSO partner organisation I was going to work with and I get this e-mail...

Changes - 14/Mar/2009 16:04 - 3694 days ago
Looking back I realise it is over a month since we last posted and lots has happened since then.Whilst we were enjoying Srijana ...

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