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Escape to the mountains - 09/May/2011 04:13 - 4412 days ago
With the temperature in Delhi now over 40c we'd always planned to run to the hills when it got too hot. Both north east and nort...

We're off........ - 29/Apr/2011 04:19 - 4422 days ago
This blog post will be the last for a few weeks as we are heading off for a week into the far corner of north east India.This is...

Contrasts, Conundrums, Contradications - 27/Apr/2011 06:02 - 4424 days ago
It's often been said that India is a country full of contrasts and contradictions. I'm not sure that there are really&...

So what have we been doing.....part 2 - 25/Apr/2011 05:54 - 4426 days ago
As Katie has said, a lot has been written in this blog about what we’ve been up to without too much of a mention about the foc...

So what have we been doing…… - 20/Apr/2011 06:51 - 4431 days ago
Our blog has talked a lot about the places we have visited and our observations of India, but not much about what we have actual...

A Little Treat - 18/Apr/2011 05:21 - 4433 days ago
Now that our time in Delhi has been shortened somewhat, we are trying to ensure that we have visited all the places we especiall...

Election time - 13/Apr/2011 10:22 - 4438 days ago
Just as in the UK, the world’s largest democracy is also gearing up for the state elections. But compared to my experiences at...

A new love - 06/Apr/2011 07:13 - 4445 days ago
After years of spending my 'spare' time reading strategies and minutes and writing reports, I’ve grown to enjoy writing again ...

Our weekend - 04/Apr/2011 09:11 - 4447 days ago
The weekend...bumper edition!So what did we do this weekend? For the first time in nearly a month we were together in Delhi….....

Big society in India– my final thoughts - 01/Apr/2011 12:12 - 4450 days ago
So what have I learnt? My final reflections on the Indian big society…..and a summary of my thoughts:Historically, I...

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