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The final post! - 09/Aug/2012 10:33 - 4334 days ago
So now I've been back home in England for two months I think its time to muster up the courage to write the final post as C...

Culture and the classroom - 05/Aug/2012 18:35 - 4338 days ago
For the last three weeks I have been doing some work teaching English at a summer school for 9-14 year olds held at a very prest...

The transition curve - 03/Jul/2012 11:46 - 4371 days ago
According to vso, when volunteers return home they experience excitement, followed by anxiety and pining, apathy and depression,...

Home through a new lens - 19/Jun/2012 22:37 - 4385 days ago
So I have been back in Somerset, Englandfor a few days now. It is the summer but it still feels cold. The days seem very long af...

Leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again.... - 14/Jun/2012 09:26 - 4390 days ago
So I know this is the exact same title of a post that I wrote 17 months ago on my last night in the UK before I embarked on this...

Scenes from Butare - 14/Jun/2012 09:25 - 4390 days ago
My penultimate night in Rwanda was spent back in Butare, my base for the last month or so of traveling around. I’ve always str...

A trip to the lake on the vomit comet - 14/Jun/2012 09:20 - 4390 days ago
My last Rwandan adventure had to be to the lovely lake Kivu. So after the High Commissioner’s party I braved a ride on the vom...

The Queen’s Jubilee - 14/Jun/2012 09:15 - 4390 days ago
Ok so while we didn’t get a four day weekend here in Rwanda, we did still get to go to a party. The Queen’s Jubilee party is...

The fresh mountain air of Gasarenda city - 06/Jun/2012 20:58 - 4398 days ago
I couldn’t go home without one last trip to visit my friend Kathy who lives up in the mountains near Nyungwe forest. I ne...

A trip down East - 03/Jun/2012 08:16 - 4401 days ago
I have spent the last week in the east of the Eastern Province visiting and working with my friend Jen at TTC Zaza. I couldn’t...

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