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Train to Mumbai and an almost marriage proposal - 03/Nov/2012 17:14 - 4219 days ago
   "What is your favourite Indian sweet?"   "Um. Gulab jamun."   "What shape is the...

Dusty laptop - 12/Jul/2012 15:24 - 4333 days ago
This isn’t my story but I wanted to share it as it made me laugh so much at the time and is a perfect example of the kind of s...

Singing in the rain - 09/Jul/2012 15:16 - 4336 days ago
On Friday evening the rain finally arrived. One second the sun was beating down and the next it had disappeared behind a sheet o...

Neighbourhood watch - 25/Jun/2012 03:26 - 4350 days ago
I live in a flat on my own in south Delhi. It’s a great little flat. Badly patched up concrete walls, a large crack in the cei...

Sleeping melon - 02/Jun/2012 08:05 - 4373 days ago
It’s really hot in Delhi at the moment. 46 degrees kind of hot. That same self-combusting kind of heat I talked about last yea...

In transit - 10/Jan/2012 17:22 - 4517 days ago
One of the best and strangest things about travelling andliving abroad is going home. I returned home to England for Christmas a...

Pagdandi - 11/Dec/2011 05:57 - 4547 days ago
‘Head, shoulders, knees andtooooes, knees and toooes, and eyes and ears and mouth and nooose!’Me, my best Indian-English acc...

Diwali - 27/Oct/2011 14:18 - 4592 days ago
A cycle rickshaw narrowly misses a collision with aRoman candleDiwali.Definitely my favourite Indian festival yet. The biggest f...

Mum in India; Rajasthan, a waterfall and a lot of hand sanitiser - 17/Oct/2011 16:43 - 4602 days ago
“Goand have a look at your sink!”Mumhas been in Delhi less than 12 hours and she emerges from the kitchenbrandishing a wire ...

Quite a week - 09/Sep/2011 14:40 - 4640 days ago
Evenby Delhi’s standards this has been quite a week. Abomb blaston Wednesday andan earthquake the evening of that same day, th...

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