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Saving mothers, losing babies… - 09/Dec/2023 10:46 - 166 days ago
The past week has had rather more drama than one would wish for. Today the closed road to Maholong’wa has prevented the weekly...

Point of view - 06/Dec/2023 13:25 - 169 days ago
As a change from a male medical perspective on life in a Tanzanian village hospital, it is time to hear the voice of Hilary, my ...

Taking care… - 21/Nov/2023 12:23 - 184 days ago
‘Take care’ became the maxim for Covid and continues to be good advice. More relevant to my current context is the prevalenc...

Powerless… but still going strong … - 19/Nov/2023 14:30 - 186 days ago
In this world we are so very dependent on things and stuff are we not? Yet we like to be independent and tend to avoid dependenc...

Unsafe abortion - 29/Oct/2023 18:51 - 207 days ago
The UK Abortion Act of 1967 was introduced to protect women from the consequences of backstreet abortions. Deaths due to unsafe ...

Old friends… - 22/Oct/2023 18:31 - 214 days ago
Already one month has passed and we have been in the village 3 weeks. Today Noah sprayed the whole garden with pesticide so ther...

Escaping gas and water and pouring diesel - 03/Oct/2023 18:52 - 233 days ago
Our departure for Tanzania coincided with renewal of gas pipes in our area, fracture of the water main and closure of our street...

Sustainability - 14/Sep/2023 14:54 - 252 days ago
It’s been over a year since we said goodbye to Milo and the staff at St Luke’s Hospital. Naturally we felt concern at leavin...

Perfect Timing - 20/Jul/2022 19:58 - 673 days ago
We decided to visit and spend time with family and friends en route for Bala and our North Wales home so that we may feel settle...

The Last Days - 05/Jul/2022 09:29 - 688 days ago
Livestock featured prominently during our final days in Milo. We received so many donations of food to prepare us for departure....

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