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Psalms of Protection - 24/Jul/2020 13:54 - 22 days ago
While visiting this week, parish priest Charles and his wife, Imani (‘Faith’), strongly advised us to pray for protection af...

June, height of the holidays… - 21/Jun/2020 12:55 - 55 days ago
Since university days when students cluttered the parks and open spaces of the university campus, sunbathing and socialising, wh...

More than he could chew… - 09/May/2020 20:23 - 98 days ago
After a quiet night, a misty Saturday morning was greeted by crowing cockerels in the nearby homesteads. Below us the sloping fi...

Taking off quietly… - 19/Apr/2020 13:22 - 118 days ago
Sunday after Easter, ‘Low Sunday’, time to keep the head down and enjoy a short breather after a typical week. We ha...

Moving Experience - 07/Apr/2020 17:03 - 130 days ago
At last we have moved into our new house! It has been a long wait with many ups and downs watching the workmen come and go, some...

Lipangala - 11/Mar/2020 18:04 - 157 days ago
It was our second village outreach clinic and I think we are starting to get the right formula. Lipangala is on the ridge across...

Chicken&Chips&Godly Play - 27/Feb/2020 14:17 - 170 days ago
Progress is measured in the oddest of ways. We often receive a live chicken gift and on each occasion my heart would sink as I c...

Too far to walk and too far to drive… - 09/Feb/2020 11:34 - 188 days ago
Friday night we admitted a young woman in late pregnancy who had started to bleed in her village. Very soon she was in a lot of ...

Sonosite EDGE II reaches Milo - 02/Feb/2020 19:38 - 195 days ago
With grateful thanks to many donors and facilitators, it’s a delight to announce that our long awaited ultrasound machine ...

Snakes in the shamba and other critters - 30/Jan/2020 06:00 - 198 days ago
We are witness to the humble beginnings to an ant super-race. We have a jar of honey which originates in the tobacco growing are...

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