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Perfect Timing - 20/Jul/2022 19:58 - 320 days ago
We decided to visit and spend time with family and friends en route for Bala and our North Wales home so that we may feel settle...

The Last Days - 05/Jul/2022 09:29 - 335 days ago
Livestock featured prominently during our final days in Milo. We received so many donations of food to prepare us for departure....

Getting busy… - 03/Jun/2022 20:08 - 367 days ago
The month of June arrived with another busy outreach clinic in Mapogoro village 20 minutes down the road. James quit himself wel...

Tangawizi? - 01/May/2022 21:41 - 400 days ago
Our favourite soft drink in Tanzania is probably Stoney Tangawizi, the local equivalent of ginger beer. Tangawizi is simply the ...

Our family and other animals - 12/Mar/2022 13:17 - 450 days ago
I owe you all an apology and an explanation for the long interval since my last Blog. I think, to a degree, I have experienced w...

Christmas present - 29/Dec/2021 16:40 - 523 days ago
Christmas is the time for families to return to the village where their roots and relatives are, not unlike the first Christmas....

Little zebra, had a heavy day… - 13/Dec/2021 18:28 - 539 days ago
Last Friday was a mixed bag of events and experiences. Another unpredictable day. I had expected one Caesar but discovered that ...

A Succession of Failures - 21/Nov/2021 14:27 - 561 days ago
Last week we went to town. It was time for outreach clinics in Njombe town (at The Anglican Health Centre) and Sayuni village (h...

Home sweet Home - 20/Nov/2021 17:40 - 562 days ago
Home was waiting as I returned from foraging for rabbit food in the light of the moon this morning. I needed a torch in the fore...

Return to the countryside - 30/Oct/2021 20:29 - 583 days ago
We returned to Milo village last weekend and enjoyed Bible Sunday with our home congregation in Penedeyrn Mission Area, an amalg...

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