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Standing Committee Reflection 30.03.21 - 07/Apr/2021 11:19 - 33 days ago
At the end of last month we had the opportunity to address the Standing Committee of the Diocese of St Asaph at the start of the...

It all began with the sheep… - 10/Mar/2021 10:49 - 61 days ago
We were carried safely by Honda to Bala exactly two weeks after our arrival by Mitsubishi in Dar es Salaam. This drive began mor...

The view from here… - 23/Feb/2021 11:04 - 76 days ago
We made it back to UK in record time. After taking the Covid-19 test in Aga Khan Hospital, Dar es Salaam on Thursday 18 February...

d-Ash Wednesday - 19/Feb/2021 07:50 - 80 days ago
Surreal hardly sums it up. Monday evening, I was rediscovering Rend Collective, the music that gave me the drive to exercise in ...

Habari za siku njingi - 30/Jan/2021 15:07 - 100 days ago
Today is Thursday. And this was the greeting from Imani with whom I have not spoken for several days, when she found me gatherin...

School Report - 04/Dec/2020 15:40 - 157 days ago
Just for a change, this is Hilary writing on Adrian’s blog. I have a WhatsApp group, “Letter from Tanzania” where I usuall...

“This is our life…” - 24/Nov/2020 03:31 - 167 days ago
Another blue-sky day. Another day in the shamba… At this time of year, as the Little Rains begin and the Long Rains loom, with...

The day I walked into the church… - 11/Nov/2020 17:52 - 180 days ago
Many of our patients are of short stature and that accounts for many of the Caesareans we do. If they are short the pelvis tends...

Foxes’Farm - 16/Oct/2020 18:56 - 206 days ago
We are at Foxes’ farm in Mufindi and I’m reading a book left by a Peace Corps volunteer, ‘The Pied Piper’, about an elde...

A well needed break… - 12/Oct/2020 05:14 - 210 days ago
Wednesday, and some news from today’s outreach clinic. Saw 22 patients, another one with a molar pregnancy, brought her back i...

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