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“Vintage is elegance”–classic cars&fashion at the Kampala Sheraton - 18/Aug/2017 03:55 - 13 hours ago
In case you missed it! Highlights from the 2017 CBA Uganda Classic and Vintage Auto Show Do you love the cars of a bygone era? E...

Why orphanage tours are wrong - 08/Aug/2017 05:01 - 10 days ago
Children aren’t tourist attractions. Why orphanage tours are wrong Welcome to Diary of a Muzungu! This week’s guest post i...

#RwenzoriDiary week 6– Kilembe revisited - 04/Aug/2017 07:00 - 14 days ago
Welcome to week 6 of my #RwenzoriDiary. The series started here … A few weeks ago, we embarked on a fascinating tour of th...

#RwenzoriDiary week 5–Sempaya Springs, Semliki - 23/Jul/2017 10:42 - 26 days ago
Welcome to week 5 of my #RwenzoriDiary. The series started here … I’m now back in Kampala and getting stuck into th...

How private patrols support Bugoma Forest conservation - 20/Jul/2017 16:12 - 29 days ago
As regular Diary of a Muzungu readers will know, conservation brought me to Uganda. I continue to support a number of conservati...

#RwenzoriDiary week 4– high above Mt Kilimanjaro! - 14/Jul/2017 11:37 - 35 days ago
Welcome to week 4 of my #RwenzoriDiary. The series started here … Let’s get the bad news out of the way: it’s not been ...

#RwenzoriDiary week three–don’t miss July’s Rwenzori Tourism Expo! - 07/Jul/2017 05:00 - 42 days ago
Welcome to week three of my #RwenzoriDiary. The series started here … I’ve just received the most exciting hiking t...

#RwenzoriDiary week two–Kasese pork joints&grazing at the Sheraton - 26/Jun/2017 18:58 - 53 days ago
I’ve received a few comments about the first entry in my #RwenzoriDiary, including “you go, I’ll meet you back...

#RwenzoriDiary week one–commitment! - 20/Jun/2017 19:04 - 59 days ago
I’m committed now. You have it in writing. There’s no going back – only up! I don’t know when and I don&...

The Kigali Marriott Hotel: American luxury with Rwandese class - 16/Jun/2017 04:47 - 63 days ago
The Kigali Marriott Hotel: American luxury with Rwandese class Driving up to the rather smart Kigali Marriott, you might think t...

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