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Epilogue - 02/Oct/2012 11:01 - 4222 days ago
So, what's happened since we got back?Well, Alex was offered a job at the Japanese Delegation to the OECD in Paris, as their Sen...

Saying Goodbye - 01/Oct/2012 14:05 - 4223 days ago
The time had come to say goodbye. We'd wrapped up our projects and handed them over, arranged our leave and the flights wer...

Kolmanskop - 01/Oct/2012 13:40 - 4223 days ago
The day that Alex finished his work, we packed the hire car and set off for our final trip to the South of Namibia. We were goin...

Selling the car - 19/Aug/2012 18:47 - 4266 days ago
The time had come to sell Trooper. We were really sad about losing our car - we'd driven over 26,000km in it during the year, tr...

Comic Sans - 19/Aug/2012 18:25 - 4266 days ago
Alex popped into the VSO office one day in August 2011 to get a refund on our electricity bill, when the programme manager calle...

European Interlude - 30/Jul/2012 11:40 - 4286 days ago
When we first booked my flights back to Europe for two weeks, we thought that we might be in Namibia until October. Since t...

Advocacy, Lobbying, and the Caregivers' Conference - 30/Jul/2012 10:38 - 4286 days ago
I'd always believed in the proportional representation system until it came to working with Namibian MP's, who say they owe thei...

They Have That Heart and Caring for the Care Providers - 04/Jul/2012 14:00 - 4312 days ago
Since we completed the two rounds of research trips interviewing men involved in home-based care, we've been writing the subsequ...

Advocacy on the Coast - 26/Jun/2012 10:45 - 4320 days ago
We recently spent a week in Walvis Bay, on the western coast of Namibia, training an action group from the Walvis Bay multi-purp...

Anniversary and VSO Rundu event - 17/Jun/2012 15:07 - 4329 days ago
Since most of the volunteers had left in March, and there are no more VSO'ers coming to Namibia until VSO Namibia closes in Marc...

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