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Loving and leaving Phnom Penh - 18/Sep/2014 06:07 - 2633 days ago
It seems appropriate to start our last blog talking about the birth place of Phnom Penh, our home for the last two and a ha...

A fearless life in the White Building (Bo ding) - 15/Sep/2014 14:31 - 2636 days ago
I originally wrote this piece on 25th February 2012 before I had been back to the White Building after that first time. I had fo...

Cambodia: A Kingdom of Wonder - 08/Sep/2014 16:16 - 2643 days ago
I had previously done research that showed that schools received 65% of what they expected and that because of ring-fencing rule...

Can garment factories be a liberator for women? - 03/Sep/2014 16:30 - 2648 days ago
In Cambodia, there is literally one rule for girls and a different one for boys. When they are pre or early teens, girls will be...

Old culture, young people - 13/Aug/2014 15:32 - 2669 days ago
Men in Cambodia, and throughout Asia, like to dye their hair to hide any grey hairs. I may be a little odd having youthful face ...

Cambodia's Olympic Games - 06/Aug/2014 14:04 - 2676 days ago
For Claire and I, the jewel in the crown of Phnom Penh is the optimistically named Olympic Stadium. It was actually built for th...

Why should Scotland be in the Union? - 30/Jul/2014 17:31 - 2683 days ago
I wrote aprevious blogdiscussing Cambodia’s relationship with Viet Nam and suggested that the best way for Cambodia to find pe...

Well did you ever… - 31/May/2014 05:26 - 2743 days ago
Or, things I never thought I'd do, never mind do in Cambodia…(I started writing this post in February, then edited it in March...

Are all explorers lost and is Scotland the best? - 30/May/2014 06:06 - 2744 days ago
When a friend of mine left Scotland to work in France, I was envious of him as I imagined what it would be like to live in Franc...

Cambodia: more than temples and Toul Sleng - 13/May/2014 05:41 - 2761 days ago
In USA, there are some cities that are now forever defined by shootings at a high school. For many people, Cambodia is defined b...

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