on Wendy Margolese (Zambia), 31/Mar/2011 08:32, 34 days ago
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I haven't posted in so long because of really crappy internet access.. but although I haven't posted I've still been writing so I'm going to post a number of new posts today!So back from Dar es salaam and back to work. I finished last Friday and went to Lusaka.. I stayed at Sanna and Alex’s and it was the first time I met them so it actual went very well all things considered. Sanna works for randstad and alex is a fundraiser in the UK. I got along very well with Alex. We have similar prospective on things. We went to majak (the cheapest and best Indian restaurant in Lusaka) on Friday night.. and there were about 30 people all sitting at 1 long table. Great dinner as usual and good company.. Nicolas and Elisa came as well. Annie and Estelle had a party that Saturday night so we were able to join in.. it was nice and then we went to Portico.. for dinner and drinks and went tosee some sort of dancing from Mozambique.. kasimba? It was very nice and then Sunday we took off for dar. It was a short and easy flight over and we arrived and when straight to our resort.. It was right on the beach.. called Kipepeo lodge. Which means butterfly. It was a beautiful place right on the beach, our cabin was open air and the mattresses were on a riser and looked on to two French doors open to the outside and our balcony had a great hammock that I used every day. It was $35.00 a night and included breakfast. Breakfast was nice you could have anything from a list.. eggs and bacon,toast etc. The following day we hired a boat to take us to a close by island. The island was very beautiful with tons of amazing shells on it. We were able to take some home with us as well.We spend 6 hours on the boat and it took us to the island, we were able to walk all around it, we snorkelled and we ate lunch there... The snorkelling was a little disappointing because the water was so rough I was concentrating on making sure I stayed a float; but we had a good time.The second night we went into dar for dinner.. dinner was at a really casual place.. I had chicken tandoori and it was the best I ever ate. The final night we went out for a really nice dinner...I ate the best prawns with garlic and chili’s. They were plentiful and amazingly delicious, good wine and of course good company all for $20.00 US. We had a good trip back and we were in Lusaka from Wednesday afternoon to Sunday morning. Thursday and Friday I spent at Celim interviewing candidates for the branch manager and accountant roles.. it was fun actually and Saturday we went to the market, it rained all day and Annie and I wanted to go to a market.. we finally ventured out toward the end of the afternoon... we got 5 minutes away from the house and it started to pour rain.. We made it to the market and I found new running shoes but it was messy. It was raining very hard and the streets were flooded.. As I was walking down the street there got to a point where you couldn’t see the sidewalk and things were floating down the street. I decided to walk through it anyway and fell into a hole that was full with water and garbage up to my waste... when I got out of the hole I was missing 1 of my crocs.. some nice men tried to fish it out but couldn’t so I had to buy a pair of flip flops to get me home.. I miss my crocs! Lesson learned never walk where you can’t see without testing the ground with a stick or umbrella... too bad I hadn’t thought of that beforehand.