Has anyone seen Pawan?
on Jane in India (India), 14/Sep/2011 16:56, 34 days ago
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That's a question that has been coming up a lot in the past few weeks. Our beloved Pawan, who lives in Bolangir (Bolang-where?), has been in exile in Canada awaiting his visa renewal to return to us here in Orissa. Indian visas are a nightmare at the best of times, but the Canadian Authorities seem to be especially awkward about it all. I can't remember if I've written in my blog about the visa hassles I've gone through. It's not very interesting, very uninteresting in fact, a pain in the bum, and endless trips to the Foreign Registration Office. Back in June my office received a letter saying "the foreigner may please be directed to leave India immediately" (that foreigner being me). Luckily VSO sorted it all out and I have something scribbled in my papers to say I've applied to stay til Feb '12, so I think I'm ok.But Pawan, where is Pawan? If anyone sees a charming lad with a scientifically grooved bottom, please direct him back to Orissa. Without him, there is no Christmas party!