Trip to the border and first goodbyes
on Adventures in Nepal (Nepal), 04/Feb/2012 10:33, 34 days ago
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_uacct = "UA-3483228-1";urchinTracker();Last week I spent some time in Hetauda, Makwanpur (where I lived and worked for over a year) and Birgunj, Parsa.It's hard to believe I'm leaving Nepal in a month.Realizing I'm visiting a place or person for the last time (this time around, at least)and saying goodbyes is....awfully difficult.It's hard to put any words to the gratitude I have for those people here who have shared their lives, experiences, wisdom, home, and friendship with me.In Hetauda, among many others, these people include: Saroj, Chanda, Teresa, Diksha and her family, Smarika and her family, Saroj, Krishna, Sushant,Sita, Anju, Dudumaya, Uttam, Nawaraj, Raju, Shukra, Sushila, Anu, Jose, Urmila, Basudev, Madan, Sanu, Ravi, Hari, Chiringibi, Laxmi, Bikram, Bishn, Ashmita, Lokhari, Pierre, Shyam, Sarada, Tulasa, Balaram, Tej and all the women in our project areas, especially, who welcomed me into their homes and their communities.Above:(1) Shreela is in Nepal...I'm in India!!(2) Visiting my friend, Dudumaya, at her Bastipur home(3) Sushila and her family(4) COSAN Hetauda team