From the Hong Kong airport
on Adventures in Nepal (Nepal), 03/Mar/2012 03:16, 34 days ago
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I am writing this from the airport in Hong Kong, on my way to Japan to visit my brother (where he lives) on my way home. Going through a few pictures from my last weeks in Nepal (pictures above from a trek to Helambu last week with Eva and Gyalgyn), it already feels a bit like a world away. Though only in image. In experience and in my body, I know Nepal will remain close and continue to take shape within me for a long time.Leaving Nepal was harder for me than I had imagined it would be. Partially, because when I arrived, 2 years seemed like such a *temporary* time. And this had always been in my mind in Nepal...I am here temporarily.27 months later, therefore, it has crept up on me somewhat secretly that Nepal feels like a real home. With all the familiarity, comfort, routine, love, and connection that home brings. And I found I wasn't quite prepared for what it would feel like to leave this home.For all of you who I have been out of touch with the last while...apologies...I will be posting something again, if only some of my leaving thoughts about my time in Nepal and first thoughts about heading West (first striking things: advertising, chain restaurants, and people following rules).But for now, wanted to let all of my friends in Nepal (wherever you come from) know that I am thinking of you and miss you already. You have enriched my life in uncountable know who you are.And I am incredibly excited to be on my way to Japan to see Cameron, the Pacific Northwest (!!!!), and then Pittsburgh(Kevin xx).