World Environment Day 2012
on Vicky Dyer (Cambodia), 12/Jun/2012 14:17, 34 days ago
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June 5thwas World Environment Day and the college had been given funding to hold an event to raise awareness of environmental issues. Due to election fever, we held the occasion on Monday 11th and trainees really surpassed themselves.2ndyear trainees had been challenged to a competition between the four classes. The best song/poem, the best poster, the best teaching aid from recycled materials and the best outfit (male and female) from recycled materials. This was the first time such an event had been staged at PTTC and I don't think anyone was quite sure what to expect but the results were amazing. When they first heard of the fashion element, trainees were unsure what was meant. I found some examples on the Internet to show them. The clothes trainees made outclassed most of those and they modelled them like professionals.Posters were described and trainees displayed good knowledge of the environmental issues depicted. Teaching Aids too were described, saying what they were made from and how they could be used in effective teaching and learning. Songs were performed by individuals or pairs.The whole performance was watched by 1stand 2ndyr trainees and staff. Although it was a competition– and judging was fair!!! - there were no losers. Everyone enjoyed snacks of fruit and pastries, the afternoon was declared as free time and nobody complained about the noise pollution as the dancing began!A very educational day for all concerned. Not only did it promote environmental issues but also teaching aids and how learning can be fun.