Endings and Beginnings
on Adventures in Nepal (Nepal), 03/Jul/2012 04:10, 34 days ago
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_uacct = "UA-3483228-1"; urchinTracker();I've been rolling around in my head for the last few months, what would, what could an appropriate ending to my blog be? And the answer is, there can't be one, because while this chapter in my life has ended, Nepal, my friends in Nepal, and my experiences are still very much a part of me. The experience informs who I am now, my decisions, and how I am moving forward. There is no ending... So there's also no neat and tidy way to wrap up an experience that was as transformative as my time in Nepal. And I'm still processing it enough that I can't share anything very deep, either. I can say, however, that I have come to terms with the reverse culture shock. I am really grateful to be back in my beautiful hometown surrounded by old friends, phenomenal creativity and inspiration, my family, Kevin, trees and forests and mountains and high desert and the ocean... oh, how I am happy to be back near the ocean... And Nepal doesn't feel far away any more. There's no way it's on the other side of the world. Not for me. :-) It is close and present: in my thoughts, dreams, conversations, and actions. It's nice to know I'll be back there again soon enough. To EVERYONE who has read my words, listened to me along the way, supported me...I give thanks. There is no part of this journey that I did alone. The picture above is a whale I got to see while spending some time at the ocean with my mother in Hawaii. We were so close! She just hung out by our boat, meters away, flapping her fins in the water. Kind of like saying hello and goodbye...all at the same time.