Now published: Hand-Painted Signs of Kratie
on Gilly Clifford (Cambodia), 04/Nov/2012 05:02, 34 days ago
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Hand-Painted Signs of KratieLadies& Gentlemen,I present to you what many are tipping for this year's surprise Christmas best seller, my first book,Hand-Painted Signs of Kratie. It is now available tobuy in printed and eBook formats(suitable for iPad, Kindle, Nook and most other eReading devices and applications). There is also a free preview available in various digital formats.The book is a celebration of the art and craft of Cambodia's hand-painted advertising, 138 colour pages crammed with photos of everything from flying pigs to retro hairstyles and hand grenades.Spread from the Beauty Salons& Barbers chapterThese images are accompanied by the unique story of the signs and the people who paint them, alongside my own observations on what they tell us about Cambodia.Opening spread from the IntroductionEven in this book's short life many of these hand-crafted creations have fallen by the wayside and, day by day, the content of the book becomes increasingly rare.Hand-Painted Signs of Kratie on iPadI hope you will join me in this celebration of Cambodia's hand-painted advertising and pleaseshare with friends, but not those who you plan to give it to as a gift...Buy the bookJoin the mailing listConnect on FacebookFollow the blogMore sample spreads from the printed book and screen shots from the eBook:Contents page from Hand-Painted Signs of KratieSpread from the Khmer Script chapterVarious motorbikes on hand-painted signs in KratieIntroduction page from eBook on iPadSponsor Us