In Memory
on Vicky Dyer (Cambodia), 12/Dec/2012 15:54, 34 days ago
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What a lovely day. My college Director invited all staff to share in a memorial for her mother who died 10 years ago. Families remember their relatives every year but only hold a celebration if it's a special anniversary and they can afford it. I was told that 12.12.12 being the 10th year and the Year of the Dragon made this special.Eight of us (inc driver) piled into a car and we drove to the pagoda in a nearby village. The men travelled by motorbike. We were early but what a beautiful place to sit around. The sky was blue, sun shining but there was a breeze. Butterflies of every colour fluttered around as we fed the fish in the river. That might sound like a strange thing to do but these fish are special. Monks protect this part of the river and no fishing is allowed. Consequently the fish are huge.Ladies selling bread and pellets to feed the fishFeeding the fish. You can see the large splash as a fish jumped.A beautiful spotWaiting Monks could be heard chanting as the family remembered their ancestor. Once the service was over the Director was very pleased to see us all and showed us to our seats where delicious food awaited. Fish, chicken, pork and vietnamese soup - quite an assortment - served, of course, with rice.PagodaBuddhaReady to eat Later we went to the house where the family grew up. I met brothers and inlaws and was shown photographs of the ancestors and family in much younger days. Everyone was very welcoming and I felt quite relaxed.