Lifelike by the Canal.
on So Now It's Cambodia (Cambodia), 13/Feb/2013 09:05, 34 days ago
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I've made a New Year's resolution to update the blog more often, as I'm aware I'm not really keeping in touch with friends and family very well if they're not on Facebook or Blipfoto! We have spent a lot of time travelling in recent months (including my trip to Bangkok for surgery) so if we're not travelling I'm often looking for flights and hotels for the next trip!I use these sites quite a lot now, so I'm planning to put/copy some of those posts and photos, so those of you who only follow or receive the blog will know what we're doing and see some of the interesting things that we're privileged to see. I was also having some technical problems with the new version of the blog which was a bit off putting as well.I put a link to Blipfoto on the blog recently - both Alison and I use it - but I've no idea if anyone I know is looking at it (apart from fellow former volunteer Oly)! If you are following it, I'd appreciate a line just to let me know that you are! If you want to follow Alison's it's: and her latest one shows the delicious "Pinto" breakfast we enjoyed at our unusual B&B.Here's a snapshot from our recent weekend in Bangkok. We went to visit Ollie Durrant as he was passing through, having just finished working near Perth in Western Australia. He's off travelling with a friend (Matt Jones) for about a month, before visiting us here, then going to back China to teach again.Here's the post from Facebook with the link to Blipfoto! (hope you're keeping up!!).(P.S. I know there's a misprint but I don't know how to edit Blipfoto after I've posted it!).Facebook post:One of many fascinating sights we enjoyed during our weekend in Bangkok. Unfortunately, our little diversion didn't go down too well with our boatman who seemed to think this was a good reason to cut off the last (and interesting) part of the trip. There was much shouting and gesticulating (from him!) before he agreed to go where we'd paid to go in the first place. He seemed happy at the end when he was given some extra Baht for shouting at us!!Saturday 9 February 2013: Lifelike by the canal.www.blipfoto.comThis is one of a number of extraordinarily lifelike figures which adorn the canal side of the "artist's house" by one of the canals in Bangkok. We've passed it before but this...