Filipino Style Baingan Bartha
on Passage to India (India), 18/Feb/2013 05:00, 34 days ago
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One of my favorite dishes while in India is baingan bartha, but it was kinda difficult for me to make, not having the appropriate spices and even if i did, i didn't know how to make baingan bartha in the first place. but baingan bartha i discovered is the complicated version of our inihaw na talong (grilled eggplant with tomato and onion) so while still in my placement i concocted my own version.ingredients:eggplantsliced tomatoessliced onionground black peppersome saltolive oillemonchili (if you want it hot)it's easy to make, not much cooking required really. all you need to do is wash the eggplant and grill. removed the charred skin and mash the eggplant. put it in a bowl, add the sliced tomatoes and onions, plus the chili (again, if you want it hot), pour in a reasonable amount of olive oil, add a dash of salt and pepper, squeeze in some lemon and just mix. wallah, Filipino-style baingan bartha. It's good with rice or chapati.Baingan bartha is best served hot, with my version, you can chill it for about five minutes and would still taste good.