Searching for Sugar Man
on So Now It's Cambodia (Cambodia), 29/May/2013 16:22, 34 days ago
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We saw a really unusual film at a packed "Flicks" last night.  Flicks is basically a typical large, Cambodian house with a large room turned into a cinema. They've created tiered seating to enable everyone to see. You can choose to lie down or sit on (not terribly comfortable) sofas. It's run by a German chap and the idea has been copied elsewhere in town. It has a large screen using a projector from a laptop and an excellent Sony surround sound system. They don't officially charge - they just ask for a $3.50 cover charge. They serve food and drink - including popcorn - and will bring it in while you're watching the film. It's possible to watch several films if you have the time and stamina! The film we saw last night was followed by "Quartet". We saw that on the plane back from Taiwan recently and really enjoyed it - might have stayed to watch it again if I hadn't been recovering from a filthy cold!Last night's film was "Searching for Sugar Man". Some of you may have discovered this film or artist already. If not, the film has a few jaw dropping moments and really keeps you guessing and wondering if it's not just a monumental hoax! There's some amazing South African footage as well.I'm probably spoiling it by posting this (sorry!) but he's even playing at Glastonbury this year!  He's a pretty eccentric character but his disinterest in material wealth is really inspiring and thought provoking....