Dengue Fever - a Right Royal Feast appendix!
on So Now It's Cambodia (Cambodia), 06/Jun/2013 10:51, 34 days ago
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No - we haven't caught Dengue Fever - that debilitating tropical illness that makes you ache like flu does and can mess up your blood cell count. No, I forgot to mention that last Friday we also saw  "Dengue Fever" - the rock group from California -'s the second time we've seen them live - the first was last year at the island off Phnom Penh called Koh Pich or Diamond Island.This time they were playing at the FCC, which some of you will know is usually quite refined and not very big - a surprising venue for a famous rock band concert! It worked surpisingly well with a packed main bar area and a small stage placed by the big open windows that look out to the river for the ubiquitous sundowners.I think I preferred seeing them in this more intimate setting - they're an incredibly energetic group with strong characters such as the very tall and bald bass guitarist who just "owns" the stage! Then there's the lead guitarist and singer with a very distinctive, long pointy beard. The sax/flute/trumpet player exudes energy as he practically dances as he plays, whilst the keyboard and drummer take a lower profile. The Khmer connection is the lead singer, Chhom Nimol,  who is the only Cambodian and she leads the line with her powerful voice. The band had already travelled through Cambodia before "discovering" their singer who used to sing at Khmer weddings and parties. They're all interested in reviving Khmer rock from the 60's as well as adding their own material.It was really well organised - including a free beer - and we had a good view and were lucky (as the "old folk") to get the only high stools in the house, so we didn't have to cram in with the standing crowd! We were also relieved that the mixer did a great job on the sound, achieving a powerful, exciting sound without ever deafening us! Great job! They were also playing at the island this week with a special film background provided by a VJ! With everything else we've been to recently and the draw of "West Side Story" at the Flicks, we decided it was a bridge too far!