So Now It's Worthing!
on So Now It's Cambodia (Cambodia), 25/Apr/2016 22:10, 34 days ago
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It's been a long time since I've updated this blog! It's been a very busy time and we've thoroughly enjoyed our time in Phnom Penh. However, we've finally returned to the UK for the summer months, as Alison felt it was time to finish working full time - even though she loved her job at ISPP. Naturally, it was a big wrench leaving Cambodia - we had great (Cambodian) landlords and we both had jobs that really suited us - mine being teaching piano part time at a nearby independent music school, with very able and motivated students. On top of that was the glorious weather, the lovely cafes, restaurants and hotels with outdoor swimming pools - there was a lot to enjoy! Most of all - as most visitors to Cambodia will testify - there were the lovely Cambodian people who were so friendly, welcoming and kind-hearted - we do miss that!Below are some photos from our surprise leaving dinner, with traditional gifts so kindly presented to us by our landlords and their family:However, we're also both approaching ages when we can take pensions and that - along with other practicalities, such as banking and buying somewhere for the future - has finally led us to return to the UK to sort some of this out.We've decided to settle in Worthing in West Sussex, as we both have brothers here as well as other friends. We also like the coast and the downs!You won't be surprised to her that we've been feeling the cold!! Moving from 35-40 degrees is a bit of a shock when we've been experiencing 9 degrees here or even colder at night! However, we've enjoyed the walking on the sea front, as walking around Phnom Penh could be a trying experience, due to the intense heat and bad and obstructed pavements. Add to that, little right of way for pedestrians, it could be a wearing experience and certainly not suitable for a brisk energising walk! In Worthing they have a very large and pothole free pavement by the sea to walk on - it's called the prom!We've found ourselves a very nice apartment for the next 6 months but have had to rush around getting furniture as quickly and cheaply as we could. It's already quite homely - which was helped by the arrival of our new bed on Saturday.We've already caught up with our brothers and Alison her friends, who live locally. We'll try really hard to see as many friends and family as possible but it may not be possible to see everyone, as we are leaving again at the end of September! We'll be heading back to Chengdu to see Ollie and Rebecca for a month then on to Phnom Penh again on 1st. November. We're already booked into the Pavilion for our first week back!I haven't even looked at this blog for ages and was surprised (and pleased!) to see a comment from Nick and Trudy! I had tried writing to you years ago when we were in Mongkul Borei but maybe the letter never arrived. I'll try writing again, as I don't trust the security of this site and don't want to advertise my contact details. It would be great to catch up and I'm glad you liked my You Tube channel!!Best wishes to all and hope to see some of you soon!