The final month
on Volunteers Abroad (Uganda), 03/Sep/2009 07:12, 34 days ago
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The college is on term break until September 7th so Danny and I have been taking short holidays the last couple of weeks such as two nights at Kingfisher Lodge overlooking the Rift Valley and three nights at Arcadia Cottages at Lake Bunyonyi.Photo at Lake Bunyonyi.On the way back from Lake Bunyonyi we stopped by to see the former principal of our college, Lwamafa Javan.Photo with Danny.Yesterday we spent the day at the rural home of a recent Bishop Stuart graduate, Everesto, who graduated with Distinction, the first in several years at BSPTC. As usual, we were treated like royalty by the family and all the extended family arrived to see us. The kids couldn't stop looking at us and I got many good photos of them. I can't imagine what it's like to be a black child who had never seen a white person before. We must look very strange. Sometimes babies and toddler cry when they see us but most warm up to us after a while.Photos: a few of the kids, Danny and Everesto and his parents.Tomorrow we return to Lake Mburo with a Ugandan couple who, like most Ugandans, have never been to any of their national parks.In July when my brother's family visited we had to cancel a night at Ishasha Ntungwe River Camp due to illness. It was part of the Churchill Safaris package so no refund was possible. We were to go on safari at QENP and hopefully see the tree-climbing lions. The manager has offered us the 3 tents and full meals at no charge, so I have invited 4 volunteers to go with us. We will go on Sunday and hope to see the tree-climbing lions this trip. We did not see any on the trip with Danny's daughter and her husband in February and we've been told it's more likely to spot them during the rainy season which is now.