Some last views from Gitarama
on Bruce's Rwanderings (Rwanda), 01/Dec/2009 06:20, 34 days ago
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Pretentious gateways like these are all the rage in the houses of Gitarama's elite. This one controls the entrance to the Lando bar and nightspot, but many private houses have similar gates. They remind me of medieval castles with barbican towers.A typical quiet sidestreet in the upmarket part of the town. This shot is about 500m from the District Office.The "Hotel Spendide", set in a leafy part of town near the small stadium. When the Scottish teachers arrive in March they will stay here.Very few buildings in the town have any form of decoration on their facades, so these lions stand out as being unique.The little triangular patch of grass near the small stadium; Gitarama's only approximation of a park. Can you see our brand new public clock?A row of shops; they include tailors, cobblers, a knitting workshop, dressmakers, a stationery shop and the usual alimentation or two.