Still learning
on Sally in Namibia (Namibia), 04/Dec/2009 12:24, 34 days ago
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I have only a few days left but I am still learning new things about the College for example the other day I was in the staff room and one of my colleagues asked me if I knew what a notched wooden bar on the wall was for. I couldn't think so he then told me that it was where the guns were kept when the South African army used the college as a base during the liberation struggle. Sure enough when I looked down there were footings on the floor where the rifle butts would have rested. He then went on to explain that there used to be a wall down the middle of the staff room. It is a large room with two doors and a kitchen in the middle. One side of the staffroom was for black members of staff and the other was for white. The only place they would meet was in the kitchen. I can't begin to imagine how strange it must have been– and how uncomfortable. It's still possible to see the mark on the ceiling where the wall used to be so apartheid's legacy is still visible.