Make My Day
on Sally in Namibia (Namibia), 13/Nov/2009 11:05, 34 days ago
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I have had a few examples recently when I have made someone's day– it is such a good feeling but also reminds me how little people have here.We had a braai at my house and I ended up with left over 'cooldrinks'– ie coke, fanta etc which I don't drink. I gave them to the man who rakes my yard and he was so delighted he was almost hugging them.I have two little friends who come to visit me after school. It was Shetu's 11thbirthday and I had bought him some marbles which cost me about£2. He smiled hugely and told me it was the thing that he had wanted most in the world! Playstation eat your heart out.I have been trying to help improve the library's resources– it still shocks me to discover that there is money in the budget which doesn't get spent. I set up a trial with an online library database which will increase access to research journals on education. I received the following message when I asked for feedback on whether this was a good idea –'What a wonderful news! This is what I have been looking for all my life for this institution. This is a great. I just wish we will make use of this wonderful and golden opportunity. Hey thank you for a brilliant idea. I just do not know how to thank you. Your initiative is really appreciated' That pretty much made my month, it's not often that you get feedback here which makes it even more precious.