Sunset over Oshakati
on Sally in Namibia (Namibia), 30/Sep/2009 08:42, 34 days ago
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There is an old airstrip in Oshakati which offers great sunset views. It's not the most salubrious of settings, it appears that it's also a place to go and hang out for people who want a bit of privacy so you have to pick your way past broken beer bottles and old condoms but it is worth it for the sun.We sat and watched the world go by for a bit– seeing the cow man bringing his cows home for the night, watching closely as another herd of cows seemed to be heading in our direction, and also watching women with huge bundles of firewood on their heads wading through the water at the side of the airstrip to get to their homes in the informalsettlement.We decided to go further forward to try and get some photos without the inconveniently placed telephone wires; over by the oshana (flood plain) we thought. As we got closer the telephone wires gradually disappeared from view but the smell got worse until we realised that it wasn't an oshana at all but some kind of sewage outlet– ugh. We made a rapid retreat which is why my sunset photos have telephone wires but bear in mind people are having to wade through this everyday. The Lodge near the airstrip are building an upstairs restaurant which will hopefully provide the views without the hazards, fingers crossed it will befinished before I leave.