Colin the Chameleon– A Brief Encounter
on Sally in Namibia (Namibia), 30/Sep/2009 06:51, 34 days ago
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I first found Colin in my garden when he was walking across the sand towards a tree. I initially named him Charlie but over time realised he was much more like a Colin. I thought maybe he was injured as he seemed to be walking strangely but as I watched him I realised it was his normal walk. The best way to describe it is someone trying to walk into the really cold sea– he would tentatively put a foot forward and dab the ground before withdrawing it again – while he was only on 3 legs he would sway slightly. He then repeated the process several times until he was finally convinced that it was safe to put it down and then he'd start again with another foot. Add to that the eyes rolling around 360⁰ in his head and he really was an extraordinary sight.I was quite excited by Colin's arrival, it's the first time I've seen a chameleon up that close. I went back to work to share my news– 'did you kill it?' was the reply. I said no and that I thought he was rather cute – 'ugh they make me want to vomit' came the reply. My madness was then relayed in Oshiwambo to some of the cleaners sitting in the office – there was much laughing and head shaking at the crazy white girl.When I got home I went looking for Colin and using my advanced tracking skills was able to work out that he had climbed up the tree and after much hunting around found him clinging to a branch looking at me balefully (if you can look baleful when your eye is whizzing round). His colour had changed so he was really well camouflaged.Sadly I think he got a bit fed up with sharing ground with a paparazzi lunatic who kept taking his picture and he moved on to pastures new, either that or he climbed higher up the tree and I can't see him anymore. Either way it was fun to have him while he was there and I just hope he hasn't wandered out into more dangerous territory as it seems others might greet him with something more deadly than a camera.Just on the topic of my neighbours, my friend told me the wasps that I've been ignoring will put me in hospital in agony if they sting me! Erm– it seems they immediately attacked her when they saw her but they just ignore me so I'm assuming that they don't like tall blonde Scottish people but short brown English are ok!