Names I am called
on Sally in Namibia (Namibia), 09/Sep/2009 07:09, 34 days ago
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I am called by a whole variety of names here:Sally        I don't mind this, it's my nameMiss Sally    This is useful as it tells me two things, it's probably a student from the College and I should probably know who they are and recognise them.Miss        This will be a student from the College but I might not know them personally.Meme        This is Oshiwambo and is the polite form for addressing a female so I'm OK with this.Meme Sally    Another useful one that tells me I should recognise the person addressing me!Auntie        I was quite pleased when someone called me this – I took it as a sign that I was being helpful and was considered friendly!Mamie        Not so sure about this one, I'm not anyone's motherMevrou    I don't like this – it's Afrikaans for Madam. Only older people call me that and it makes me feel like a white oppressorMichelle    People here usually call each other by their surnames. This is as close as it gets to Mitchell. I prefer Sally.Mitchell    I was quite shocked when someone called me this, nearly pronouncing it rightOshilumbu    Oshiwambo for white person – children sometimes call me this. If adults use it it is because they are talking about me among themselves, knowing that I don't understand. This is REALLY annoyingDear/My dear    I like this – it's friendly and reminds me of my Gran.But in the end I answer to anything!