Language School week 2
on Sarah in Mongolia (Mongolia), 06/Nov/2009 08:37, 34 days ago
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Unfortunately it has been a very quiet week as all of us except Sarah ended up getting sick. I missed 2.5 days of language school and am only just getting back on top of things now. However there were a few bits and pieces I made it out to.On Wednesday we had our employers workshop. The employers had been in a meeting with VSO all day in a workshop discussing them having volunteers and the expectations VSO has of them. We then joined them at 4pm to discuss cultural differences and have one on one conversations with our employers. It was at my office again so everyone got a chance to see my plush office again!It did all feel a bit strange at first walking in to this room and being matched up to your employers. I had met mine before which made things easier. The cultural difficulties thing was interesting as we split into groups to discuss the problems we thought the partners might have with volunteers, and us with them and how we could deal with them. The common threads were language, cultural differences and workplace structure. It was an interesting exercise I hope for both parties.Then it was on to the individual meeting, which for me was very short as they have an induction plan and my first week will be an introduction to the organisation and what my role will be. It looks like a great organisation and I am excited to get started, although equally I am terrifiedI did visit the doctor on Thursday and got some meds which have me feeling much better now I can keep food and water down!